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Winter Solstice Yoga Guide

Winter marked by the Winter Solstice comes as the shortest day of the year this December 21st. The Solstice is the darkest point in the year, when light begins it’s path of reemerging. This transitional day is a turning point in the season as the dark is no longer moving forward, but light is revealing itself more and more into the Spring and Summer seasons.

We love celebrating the solstice here at the Om On studio and want to share with you some ways you can bring the Solstice into your day.



The Winter Solstice represents a celebration point to take time to rejuvenate and renew our energies as we prepare for the time and seasons to come. It is a point during the year that we can intentionally slow down to re-center and focus on the past year and the year to come. It’s also a perfect time to put into practice a meditation towards this seasonal transition.  How can you connect within to brighten your own inner light and radiate it to those around you?

“Slowing down is the precursor to Yoga practice because this simple act allows us to consider our thoughts, feelings and actions more carefully in the light of our desire to live peacefully” – Donna Farhi



Ancient cultures were concerned about the return of light and a plunge into constant darkness, and as such developed many rituals to invite the light back into their hearts and lives.  We too can focus our yoga practice to show gratitude for the re-emergence of light and the balance of light and dark in our own lives. By harnessing the energy of this time, we can facilitate that deep pause and peaceful exhale in our day.  Here are some ideas to fuel your own practice whether it be at home or with us in the studio.

“May we learn to allow the stillness in our hearts to live in our minds.” – Elena Brower

Place your palms down on the ground, and connect with the Earth’s grounding energy.  Feel into the rooted quality that comes up.  How can we ground our practice more deeply so that we feel the support of the Earth below us?  How can we make our practice like a ritual – a reminder to be present to our selves and to our lives?

Place 1 palm to heart, Anahata Chakra, 1 palm to navel, Manipura Chakra, and breathe from your power center to your heart, connecting the 2 as 1. Remind yourself that you already posses the power needed to manifest the deepest desires and longings of your heart. All we need to do is turn inward for our path to be revealed before us.  Layer by layer we are led deeper into a clearer more powerful state of being.



Balasana with Shoulder Opener

Virasana with Neck Stretch

Virasana Twist 


Ardha Hanumanasana

Supported Balasana 

Baddha Konasana

Restorative Bridge

Supta Baddha Konasana

Spinal Twist

Savasana with Heart Opener

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