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Yoga Intention Setting for 2019

Intention setting is an important routine to put into practice as a new year arrives. This is a time to reflect inwardly in order to look outwardly at what is coming next. These intentions are not always just setting goals, but rather it’s creating a vision of the “why” behind what you can discover through reflection, processing and rehashing of the good and bad. The energy behind your intentions will move you towards new experiences, accomplishment and being more of who you want to be.

In their purest form, intentions are a reminder to spur you on to a better mind, soul, and body. Here at Om On, we believe that yoga plays a large part of intention setting, as well as things like stillness, meditation, and journaling. But intentions can come in many different forms, such as exercise, hobbies, traveling, and creating. Sometimes intention setting looks like setting goals with purposeful reasons why behind them. Sometimes it’s a creation of a sacred place at home that you can keep coming back to as a reminder of your importance. Whatever it is, this is your space of tranquility and peace through thought, journaling, or using physical objects like sage, essential oils, candles, et cetera.

Setting intentions for 2019 will move us forward with what we’re cultivating on the inside, so that we can begin to show them to the outside world.


This meditation is created by Kelly Kostecki to help you recenter at home and reflect on your year as you look towards 2019.

Come to a comfortable supine position on your mat. Let the spine soften into the earth as the earth rises up below offering support and nourishment. Begin to notice the gentle ebb and flow of your breath as it moves in and out of the belly. Start to sync up with your natural rhythm, and let it deepen your being as you release and let go.

Continue to trace the path of the breath and draw your inner awareness to the space between the eye brows. This sacred space, the third eye, seat of intuition and wisdom in the body, naturally beckons us closer and closer to our true self. As you focus on the third eye, call up those desires that you wish to see manifested in 2019. Connect with the feelings that they bring, and see clearly the why behind your intentions. What do you wish to put your energy toward? What will it feel like to move in the direction of your intention?

When we give attention to our intentions we awaken those pieces of us that hold our highest aspirations and dreams. We syncopate our mind, body, and breath with great purpose in our daily lives and we feel the completion of the circle of our life. This serves to heighten our state of consciousness as we become one with the moments of our life. Ultimately we feel that deep sense of devotion and satisfaction.

Allow your palms to connect with the third eye and inhale one cleansing, clearing breath into this space as you let this intention sink deep within your body. Remember this feeling that you’ve cultivated and remember that you can return back to your intention by simply closing your eyes and redirecting your attention inward.


A simple way to set and keep track of your intentions and the why behind them is through journaling. Here are some thoughts to reflect on as you set your own 2019 intentions.

I am _______ in 2019

I embody…

I feel…

I emanate…

I radiate…

From Art of Awakening by Elena Brower and Erica Jago. These questions may help dive into more of the “why” behind your intentions.

Can I be more active?

Can I be more present?

Can I be more attentive to what is really happening?

Can I be less attentive to memories or projections?


“So let us stop entirely blaming others for a bad world. Let us begin to recognize that this bad world exists, primarily, only in our own cranium; that outside we actually live a universe unfolding in justice, a place in which human souls and other forms of life are learning by experience to live well.” – Manly Hall

The beauty of yoga is that it allows you to drop the ego of “me” so you can think about the “we.” – Art of Attention

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