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Yoga for Balancing Vata Dosha

Fall has arrived and with it, crisp mornings, dry air, and less daylight.  All of these characteristics are indicative of Vata Dosha, and since like increases like, now is the time to harness new routines and rituals to stay balanced and healthy.

As the science of self-healing Ayurveda is a physical practice that looks at ways to bring the body and mind into harmony.  This is in fact the body’s natural state of being, but with so many forces acting upon it we can tend to get a bit stuck.  When this happens we typically begin to notice that one dosha is acting up so to speak and in excess, and we can look for ways to balance that dosha to achieve harmony physically, emotionally, and mentally through lifestyle management.


Vata dosha is the wind element.  It is the wind that fuels our nervous system.  The motivating and creative force behind our actions, and has a spacious and expansive like quality to it.  But as it controls the thoughts of our mind, when we tend to have an excess of Vata, we can trend towards chaos in the mind and a feeling of not being grounded or settled.  We sometimes refer to this as monkey mind, and as we head into the holiday time, many of us feel like we are sent into a whirlwind as we race towards the finish line of year end and all the demands that we must meet.

During this time we can feel hyperactive and anxious and find it hard to unwind at night and/ or fall asleep.  Our eating and sleeping might in fact take on a sporadic feel with us eating on the run or pushing through the day without a meal.

Balancing Rituals

  • Create a strong foundation and routine
  • Let go of the do more, do it better mentality
  • Ground with a warm bath.  Add a nourishing oil.
  • Say “No” to those tasks that don’t align with your purpose
  • Schedule Self-Care time
  • Enjoy 3 balanced and nourished meals cooked at home.  Use this Mindful Eating Book for some inspiration!
  • Eat a diet of mainly warm and cooked foods for sustenance
  • Exercise in a way that calms and grounds the body.  Meditation, Yin Yoga, and Natural Walks are key.

Yoga for Balancing Vata

  • Mindful Vinyasa;  Slow Flow
  • Hold poses to build heat and stamina
  • Create equal peaks of energy and intensity throughout so as not to burn out to early
  • Build in forward folds as a way to counter the yang energy in the practice, as well as, offer introspection and the ability to surrender
  • Focus on calming and centering breath work:
    • 3 part breath:  hands on belly + heart;  supine position
    • Belly breath:  focus on filling belly to shoulders and feel into the depth and richness of the breath
    • Kapalabhati:  Not appropriate for all practitioners, but if this is appropriate for you it can bring warmth to the body during this cold time
  • Balancing Poses like Vrksasana to add focus and hone the qualities of the distracted mind
  • Inversions if appropriate for your body.  Legs up the Wall, Shoulder Stand, Headstand

And don’t forget we are hosting a Winter Rituals Workshop, December 6th 6:00-8:30pm with Kelly Kostecki & Special Guest Health Coach, Sara McGlothlin.  We invite you to join us and pause as you nourish your mind, body and spirit as you sync with the energy of the season.  Enjoy specific yoga sequences to decompress and find stillness. Also learn how to prepare nourishing food that brings balance to the body.

Our time together will include:
  • balancing yoga practices that nourish the body
  • meditation and visualization that offer clarity and stillness
  • self care practices centered on Ayurveda that re-establish our natural and internal rhythms
  • conscious conversations and guided journaling that aid  us as we go deeper
  • nourishing food demo by Sara McGlothlin, Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach; learn how to prepare based on the season and leave with recipes and tips

Find out more here!






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