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Yoga Adventure Retreats

When you imagine a yoga retreat, what do you see? Many people will immediately think of solitude, meditation, and health food. While those sorts of retreats are available, and they are a wonderful way to deepen your practice if you are so inclined, yoga retreats are as diverse and dynamic as yogis themselves.

So many options are available nowadays that finding the perfect retreat for your goals, intentions, and interests is a breeze. For the intrepid traveler who’s looking to infuse their vacation with a little peace and mindfulness, we highly recommend a yoga adventure retreat!

Colorado Yoga Activities

What We Love

In a nutshell, they’re action-packed! Between sightseeing, group activities, and yoga, your days will be full to the brim with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether you’re headed to a foreign country or a different region of this one, you’ll have the chance to peek into the lives of others and immerse yourself in their culture. And while we wouldn’t recommend doing anything just for social media, your Instagram feed will be the envy of everyone you know for the duration of your trip (and probably long after)!

The Skinny

These retreats take place at jaw-droppingly gorgeous destinations around the globe and offer a variety of activity options in the itinerary. Many combine yoga with activities like surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, and horseback riding. Most will schedule a yoga session in the morning or late afternoon to maximize time to venture off either with the group or on your own, and you can bet that they’ve scoped a picturesque site for those yoga mat hours! When we travel to Bali, our yoga practice space overlooks a local temple on one side, rice paddies on the other, and jungle as far as the eye can see. These retreats are also a great way for a solo traveler or couple to see a new area and let someone else do the planning and legwork. Adventure retreats are particularly good for those who are interested in a yoga retreat but have recently started practicing. Since yoga is not the focus of most adventure style retreats, beginner yogis and active people with not much yoga experience will fit in nicely here.  

The Essentials

Although what to bring on a yoga retreat is largely the same anywhere you’d go, if you’re planning specific excursions – like horseback riding or surfing – you might want to bring any gear you have. It will likely be available to rent, but better safe than sorry.

Tip: if you’re bringing new purchases along with you on your trip, it’s a good idea to wear them in a bit beforehand. You wouldn’t want to be held back by uncomfortable new hiking shoes!

Who’s It For?

The Explorer: If you’re someone whose bucket list includes all 50 states or all 195 countries, adventure retreats are the perfect way to cross a couple off! While you’re experiencing these amazing new places, incorporating a yoga practice will make your experience deeper and more real.

The Culturalist: The best way to greet new people and places is with the open heart yoga provides. The unique cultural immersion available on adventure retreats will leave fingerprints on your soul.

The Action Junkie: Adventure retreats keep your body moving and your mind expanding. There’s never a dull moment!

Our Faves

Some of Om On’s regular hideaways are perfect for the adventurous yogi.

Our Bali homebase, Soulshine, is an authentic taste of Indonesia. Practice in the shadow of Mount Agung, and immerse yourself in ages-old Balinese culture in the village of Ubud. The majesty of ancient temples will leave you in awe.

In Colorado and Montana, the Wild West shows you all of her raw natural beauty. Ride on horseback through mountain valleys, see unparallelled sunsets and starry skies, or visit some of the country’s most stunning natural parks. We’re excited to be headed back to both this fall!

One of the most popular adventure retreat destinations is Costa Rica. Surfers, snorkelers, or yogis who just feel called to the water: this one’s for you! Remarkably biodiverse, you can spend your morning exploring a rainforest and unwind on the beach in the afternoon.

Do you have any tips or favorite adventure retreat locations that aren’t listed here? We’d love to hear about them!

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