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Why Pilates Is Good For Yogis

Pilates is an excellent total body workout, and when coupled with a Yoga practice, it has fantastic benefits not only on your practice but on your body, as well.

Pilates is good for Yogis because it helps to strengthen the core, improve posture, stabilize and elongate the spine, as well as develop balance and overall strength.

We are going to explore some ways in which Pilates benefits a Yogi, and your practice. Ultimately guiding you to experience the amazing benefits Pilates has and improve your practice.

With the main focus of Pilates being to strengthen your core, it is good for a Yogi because we use our core in Yoga when balancing, during inversions and in core poses like Navasana (boat pose).

When it comes to Vinyasa classes, jumping through and back from down dog or from high planks to chaturangas, takes a great amount of core strength. Core strength is very important for Yogis to focus on to ensure you are getting the full benefits from each flow.

In Pilates you learn the importance of having a neutral spine and good posture.

This is good for a Yogi to know because many poses in Yoga involve sticking your backside out and Pilates will help to improve your posture in poses like Utkatasana (Chair pose), Garudasana (Eagle pose) and even in Vriksasana (Tree pose). Learning to stabilize and elongate the spine in Pilates will help to improve posture and overall balance.

A strong sense of balance promotes stillness in Yoga poses, as well as stillness in your mind. As your balance improves you’ll also notice the strengthening of your your muscles, improved flexibility and overall muscular control, as well as a greater body awareness.

Along with improving your flexibility, Pilates helps to improve your balance both on and off the mat. With the emphasis on core strength in Pilates, this directly correlates to your balance. The core is considered the “powerhouse” of the body. With a strong core you are able to better maintain your balance, which is vital for Yogis. Poses like Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon pose) and Svarga Dvijasana (Birds of Paradise pose) require a lot of balance, and if your goal is to one day achieve full stillness or mastery of these poses, engaging your core is key for a balanced body and practice.

Overall, Pilates works to strengthen your body and improve your Yoga Practice.

Having a strong body is vital for Yogis no matter the practice you follow, especially if you plan to take your Yoga practice further by including inversions and more advanced moves. For example, if your goal is to one day master Kakasana (Crow pose), overall body strength is a huge factor in becoming a crow pose pro. Pilates is a great workout to weave into your Yoga practice that helps build your body and mind stronger for reaching those goals. No matter the plan you have for your practice, Pilates is good for Yogis in so many ways. Join us on the reformer, or meet us on the mat for both Pilates and Yoga classes offered right here in our studio. Try booking a private pilates session with one of our amazing instructors and see why Pilates is good for Yogis.

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