Professionally Trained Instructors

Expect to have a professionally trained instructor guide you through a set sequence of postures and exercises. Instructors may also offer modifications based upon the individual needs of the student, so be sure to inform your instructor of injuries and illnesses. Some classes may incorporate the use of music.

Start of Class

Classes normally start by focusing a few minutes on calming the mind and smoothing the breath.

During Class

After warming up the body, you’ll be guided through the core part of the class where an emphasis is placed on connecting the breath to movement in each yoga posture (asana) or pilates exercise.

End of Class

Classes end by cooling down the body with some gentle stretches followed by a final relaxation period (savasana) in our yoga classes.

Honor Your Body

The main goal of yoga & pilates is not Competition.  Instead listen to your body and practice to your level.

If at any time a pose does not feel right or feels painful, please Stop! If necessary let the instructor know, or simply come into child’s pose, whichever is appropriate.