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What is the Pilates Private Experience Like?

Whether you have been a Pilates practitioner for years or you are new to the experience, you will greatly benefit from signing up for a Pilates private lesson.

The one-on-one experience is great if you benefit from having the full attention on you and your skill set. Many people prefer to take a private lesson rather than a group class to avoid any anxieties. During a one-on-one private session the instructor will be able to give you their undivided attention, as well as make it easier for them to focus on YOUR skill level, abilities and needs. This is also a great way to book the workout on your own time, that works best with your schedule.

If you are interested in trying a Pilates private, here is an insider look at how the experience will go.

Assessment/Getting started 

First, your instructor will begin by asking you if you have had any surgeries or past injuries. This is so he/she can make any adjustments necessary to your workout and customize it to what works best for you and your body. In a private session you are granted the privacy and one-on-one attention from the instructor and are able to customize your workout with the help of your instructor. Let him/her know what you are trying to focus on and they will tailor the workout to your needs and wants.


Your instructor will walk you through the moves you will be doing and the equipment you will be using in your private session to ensure you are properly informed. But don’t worry, they will be there the entire time to offer assistance, explanation and adjustments as needed, which is a huge benefit to booking a Pilates private session. During this time feel free, and please do, ask all of the questions you might have. Because this is YOUR session, you are free to ask as many questions as you’d like without feeling as though you are interrupting a class if you tend to me on the more quiet side.

Getting to work

You and the instructor will then begin the workout. Most of the time during a private, your instructor will do the moves alongside of you or simply offer you some hands-on assistance (don’t worry if you prefer not to have hands-on assists, you can let them know!). This is to ensure you are executing each move fully and properly, but also to make sure you don’t feel alone! Working out with a buddy, especially one-on-one with a trusted and experienced professional, is very beneficial. During this one-one-one session the instructor is able to hop on their own mat or reformer and show you each move while assisting you with yours. This way you can get a visual, while also getting the full explanation of each movement.

Finishing up

Once you have completed your workout, you benefit from being able to (again) ask the instructor any questions you have about the workout. You also have the ability to discuss what you all will work on during your next private session. You can tell the instructor what you did or did not like or what to add, remove or change for next time. Your instructor will end by providing you with some stretches to keep your muscles loose and prepared for when you come back. Stretching is very important post workout, so your instructor will more than likely guide you through some light stretching to finish up the session, or may give you some to do at home.

Book your next private

Make sure you book your next private with your instructor to ensure they are available. Being as Pilates is such a great workout, your instructor may be booked. But don’t worry, with the flexibility of a private session you can choose a different date and time! Consistency is key to seeing the results from this awesome total-body workout experience so make sure you book your next session right after, not only to hold yourself accountable but to ensure your instructor is available.

If you think you would benefit from a Pilates private, head to our website, or click this link to book your next private session with one of our amazing and experienced instructors! We also offer Pilates duets if you want the same attention, but with a friend!

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