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Weekend Girl’s Getaway to C Lazy U

Like Cyndi Lauper said Girls Just Want To Have… a relaxing weekend getaway to C Lazy U (that’s it right?) and we couldn’t agree more. That is why our Yoga retreat to C Lazy U Dude Ranch is the ultimate weekend girl’s getaway for fun, adventure, relaxation and spending time with some amazing women!

Girls getaways are so important for maintaining friendships and venting about the every day struggles of being a boss lady, mother, wife, sister and so on. Getting away with the girls is a great way to wash away the tension and stress of every day life as a strong woman. Build yourself up and build up the other amazing women on this girls weekend getaway. Grow connections, share secrets and stories and enjoy the company of some fellow awesome ladies!

Here at Om On Yoga we are all about empowering women and building each other up to be and do better. A weekend at C Lazy U Dude Ranch with us will be all about exploring the ranch but also exploring your inner self, along with the other women around you.

Our hope is that you will walk away from this experience with a relaxed mind and body and maybe a new friendship, or two! Although, feel free to come solo and meet the group on your own, or bring a friend. The more the merrier! This is a great way to get to know yourself, and others.

Enjoy a spa day with a girlfriend, have a drink by the fire in the cool October evenings, take a horseback ride or a hike and share good conversation or meet on the mat and flow with one another.

While there is so much to do, feel free to explore on your own, or make a new friend and take someone along with you.

We hope you will join us and make lifelong friendships and memories (and maybe even share a selfie or two with your girls) at C Lazy U Dude Ranch in Colorado this fall!

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