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Top Tips for Picking a Yoga Retreat

Picking the right yoga retreat for you can be a tough decision with so many options, locations and details available – which one do you choose?! Today, we have a few top tips to help you determine the best yoga retreat for you!

1. Determine what you are looking for in a retreat
This is an easy one to start with as you can think through questions like… Are you looking for adventure? Looking to travel? Do you want to be outdoors? Unplugging from social media? Immersed in a new culture? These are  small details that you can ask yourself to narrow down your search towards the exact niche you want for your time away.

2. Ask yourself where you want to go
Location can also be a huge factor when selecting a yoga retreat. If you want to stay close to home or travel a far distance, this determination can help narrow down your searching even further. Many individuals looking for retreats want a specific season, location, and experience and traveling definitely has something to do with it!

3. Have a budget in mind
The next thing to think about is your budget. This can help determine where you can go, for how long and what kind of experience you’ll be able to (or want to) participate in.

4. Create a list of what you’d like included in the retreat package
Today – yoga retreats have a wide range of what they offer you when you sign up. Some packages come with everything – travel, lodging, food and activities. While others are a little more customized by you – you’ll be doing your own exploring, eating and traveling to the destination. So the question to determine is – Do you want everything included in your retreat package or are you someone that wants to do some major adventuring on your own (outside of the daily yoga of course!)?

5. Research to pick a retreat that has the right vibe for you
Most retreats, especially the smaller sized ones, are a customized experience for the yogi attending (YOU!). Researching for the right vibe can help make your retreat experience spectacular. This ‘vibe’ has to do with the style of instructors, size of the group and nature of the experience.

Overall, retreats are an awesome, refreshing and rejuvenating experience with lots of yoga and balance –  once you do one, you’ll be hooked!

Come explore with us!
We have several Om On Yoga retreats coming up in 2018 and would love to see you there!

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