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Things we Luv: Los Poblanos Lavender


One of the most historic properties in the Southwest, Los Poblanos provides a getaway space to explore a historic inn and organic farm in the North Valley of Albuquerque New Mexico – the 25 acre property is set on land originally inhabited by the Anasazi Indians in the 14th Century.

Today the inn offers guest rooms and suites that incorporate the classic Hacienda New Mexico style elements as well as gorgeous lavender fields, a functioning farm, incredible gardens, and a salt-water pool that truly allow one visiting to immerse in nature.

Los Poblanos has become most known for their lavender through their guided tours of the farm, lavender based products and classes that surround their grown lavender.

When visiting the farm, you can experience hands on activities to immerse yourself into the Los Poblanos lavender, the plants history and artisan products.

“Organic lavender farming enables us to further our preservation mission by balancing our rich agricultural history with environmental concerns such as water conservation and soil structure.”

  • Cooking class with the Los Poblanos home chef for a hands on experience of cooking with lavender and herbs. You’ll go through several recipes and learn how lavender can be used in your meals.
  • Hand crafted production tour by Los Poblanos guide to see the lavender gardens and farm
  • Experience the process of lavender distillation through capturing the essential oils from steam and table top copper still (technique used in making their own product). You’ll also receive a lavender hydrofoil as your take away!


Los Poblanos Lavender Body Wash – $18
Featuring an organic lavender essential oil creating a calming aroma and fresh smell.

Los Poblanos Lavender Hydrosol – $12
The perfect hydrosol spray made from organic lavender. Use as a toner, after sun refresher or room spray.

*Shop these product in-store at the Om On Shop.



Join us for our Los Poblanos Yoga Retreat!
Albuquerque, New Mexico // April 25-29th

We will be offering twice daily yoga classes sequenced for all levels and allowing proper time to really restore and reset. Each morning we will come together for an opening meditation that will incorporate the gorgeous landscape and the traditions/ rituals of the area. On our last morning together we will have the opportunity to experience a sound bath with the use of singing bowls out in the lavender fields with the wind blowing around us, and sun warming our skin.

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