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The Richmond Wellness Scene

Richmond is a great place to maintain or even expand your wellness routine. There are so many places to workout, shop and eat/purchase fresh and organic foods. We are going to give you a list of our favorite places to get a good workout in, our favorite stores for eco-friendly and sustainable products and our go-to places to grab a bite to eat! Get your RVA On this spring and hop into the Richmond Wellness Scene with these Om On approved spots!

Our Favorite Studios To Get Your Sweat On

We have seen a handful of fitness studios pop up on the scene over the years in Richmond. Whether you’re into core work, running, cycling or are just looking to live a healthier and more fit lifestyle, these places offer something for everyone and will be sure to make you sweat!

Tread Happy– A Group Running studio! Check out their site and run (don’t walk) to book your spot!

Solidcore– Located in short pump, solidcore will have you feeling the burn from ab to ab. Check out their site and redefine your workout!

Boho Studios– Along with cycling, our friends over at Boho Studios have introduced fitness and yoga classes into their schedule at the Brookland Park “Fit Studio” location. Check them out!

Om On Yoga– We are now offering Pilates mat and circuit classes, as well as, duet or one-on-one private sessions. Check out how you can get your Pilates on with us!


Boho Studios and Om On Yoga come together to get their sweat on.


Our Favorite Stores To Get Your Shop On

To ensure you have a well-rounded and balanced wellness routine, try shopping at one of these eco-friendly, fair trade or vintage shops around RVA. It is important, for a balanced wellness routine, to ensure that the items you purchase and the clothing you wear is  friendly to our Earth and to yourself.

AlterNatives Boutique– This unique gift store and clothing boutique, that also sells accessories and home goods, is a social enterprise selling Fair Trade, Direct Trade and “meaningfully” Made in USA products.

Ten Thousand Villages– Shop for unique, handmade gifts from around the world including fair trade baskets, jewelry, crafts and other items from international artisans.

Verdalina– Verdalina offers clothing, accessories, and apothecary from small producers who have a passion for design and sustainable practices using fair trade, organic, and environmentally responsible materials.

Sneed’s Nursery– Their goal is to educate their customers on the importance of sustainable gardening practices and organic product choices. Bring some nature into your home (which also is great for practicing the art of Feng shui) and help keep your garden organic and sustainable to better the environment and your body.

Rosewood Clothing Co– Specializing in garments that are unique, comfortable and sustainable. When you buy clothes from Rosewood, you are reducing waste and supporting an ethical way of shopping.

Addison Handmade Vintage– A groovy little vintage boutique that specializes in hand selected vintage and found pieces reminiscent of the 60s and 70s,  as well as handmade goods and jewelry from makers near and far.

Apothec– Our neighbors, who are a cruelty free apothecary and natural beauty shop that makes products while protecting both mother nature and all humankind.

Om On Yoga Boutique– We pride ourselves in selling eco-friendly and sustainable yoga clothing and athletic wear, as well as, plant-based skincare products and some local Richmond based brands and products.


We sell Swell bottles right here in our boutique!


Our Favorite Restaurants To Get Your (Organic) Grub On

It is vital to know what you are putting in your body. The food in which we put into our bodies helps to fuel us for everyday activities, like shopping at our favorite stores around the city or hitting a class at our favorite studio. The Richmond restaurant scene is booming, so make sure to check out this list of our favorite spots, new and old.

Fresca on Addison– With a beautiful stone pizza oven they serve pizzas and other area-sourced vegetarian & vegan dishes served in a cafe setting with patio seating

Urban Farmhouse– Check out one of their four locations for a menu featuring simple and fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Elwood Thompson’s– A gourmet grocery store with the belief that local foods are essential for a healthier mind, body, and soul.

Union Market– This neighborhood grocery store and eatery in Union Hill offers a small food market that also features a restaurant serving light breakfast & lunch fare, coffee & beer. Super cute and chic space, also with patio seating.

Chopt Creative Salad Co– This fast and casual style eatery takes an organic and health conscious spin on fast-food.

BRUNCH– You have had Lunch, maybe even tried Supper, but have you been to Brunch? You can get Brunch at 9 pm on a Wednesday… need we say more? Oh, and they have a great menu filled with organic and locally sourced produce.

Little Saint- This new American cafe for organic, thoughtfully sourced fare in a farmhouse-inspired space with a patio will make you think you’re at the hottest bistro in NYC not right in the heart of RVA.

The Daily– With two locations and many years in the business, The Daily Kitchen and Bar uses organic, all natural, local and sustainable ingredients as much as possible and have many vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and paleo options. Along with great cocktails, photo worthy decor and a huge patio!

North End Juice Co– Whether you’re out in Midlothian or right off of Monument Ave in RVA, this side-walk based juice bar believes living happy, healthy, and productive lives starts with quality food and whole ingredients. May we recommend the Chino- beets, spinach and ginger… oh my!

The Wooden Spoon Cafe– Right around the corner from our studio, they pride themselves on providing delicious home-made meals made from scratch, made with love and emphasize GMO/Hormone-free foods by sourcing as local as possible for the freshest and highest quality offerings.

Sen Organic – Small Plate– Organic, natural, Non-GMO, Grass fed, house made, Vietnamese Phở, Vietnamese Coffee, Tapas plate, hot pot, bánh mì sandwhiches all with vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. Uhm, yes please!

Oh… and one more- 

Scoop RVA– Alright alright, you caught us. It may not be the healthiest spot on our list, but they say that the key to a long life is to be happy, and we firmly believe that ice cream makes us very, very happy. With vegan and gluten-free options there is something for everyone! This small-batch ice cream shop, churning unique signature and seasonal flavors, is one of our favorite guilty pleasure spots! And come on, life is all about BALANCE, y’all.


“Let’s Spoon” at Scoop RVA.


And as always, if you are looking to get your Om On, be sure to stop by our studio and drop-in for any of our classes or mark your calendars in advance by checking out our schedule! We are so proud to be a part of the Richmond wellness scene and love seeing our city grow one sustainable, organic and eco-friendly place at a time.

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