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The Art of Yoga Sequencing and What Class To Take To Find The Best Sequence For You

There is an art and science to Yoga sequencing that helps create a meaningful and melodic flow while transitioning between each pose.

It is vital for an authentic and effective Yoga practice to follow a sequence that honors your body. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran it is important to ensure that the sequence and class style match your needs every time you step on the mat. Different sequences help you in different ways – whether you are looking to ease stress, help you tone your body or energize– there are infinite options to enhance your Yoga practice. Choosing the right class style will help by not only keeping you grounded and mindful- but it will help you to focus on specific areas and ensure that you have a meaningful and effective practice.

Once you know the meaning behind your flow, you can then choose the class to help you achieve that. For example, if you are looking for a Yoga sequence that will help to ease your stress try checking out a Restorative Class. During a Restorative class, the pace is slower. Your Yoga teacher will guide you through only about 12 poses, typically supported by props (per your own choice), to help you rest and relax. Restorative poses often include light twists, seated poses and gentle backbends. The simplicity and slow nature of this practice helps you to ease stress through the sequence of meditative asana, minimal movement, and supportive props.

Try checking out one of our Restorative Classes with Twylah on Monday afternoons from 12:15pm-1:15pm to start your week off stress free, or Friday evenings from 4-5pm to end a stressful week. Check out our schedule to sign up!



If you are looking for a sequence to help you tone your muscles and increase stamina, the sequence in a Power Yoga, Yoga HIIT or Yoga Sculpt class will help you achieve this aim. The sequence followed throughout one of these classes involves more poses with quick transitions and powerful sometimes explosive movements. These classes will often times incorporate weights or resistance bands, depending on the teacher and your preference, which also serve to build muscle and increase strength.  Ultimately these classes are designed to make you sweat, feel a burn, and increase your heart rate.

Try coming to one of our Hot Power classes with Jennie or Marge, Yoga + HIIT with Katie, Mackenzie, or Kelly or Yoga + Sculpt with Mackenzie or Anna. Each of these high intensity classes are offered here in our studio and help you feel the burn and sweat. Check out our schedule to plan your next higher-intensity Yoga class if you are looking to turn up the heat.



Sources say that “Yoga is the new coffee”, so if you are looking for a sequence to energize you– try a Vinyasa Class. A Vinyasa Yoga class focuses on movements that flow with your breath, while also invigorating and energizing your body and mind. The pace of a Vinyasa class is not as fast paced or intense as a Power Yoga class, but it does have a faster pace than a Restorative or Slow flow. Therefore, it helps to challenge your mind and body, and sparks creativity in it’s inventive sequencing.  No matter the time of day or reason for a pick me up, a Vinyasa class might be an excellent choice.

Meet Kelly, Mackenzie, Marge, Jennie, or Dawn on the mat for a Vinyasa flow taught daily, every week! There is bound to be a Vinyasa class that fits your schedule, so check out ours and sign up for your next energizing Vinyasa flow!



No matter the reason you practice Yoga, make sure you are following a Yoga sequence and style that benefits you.  This will ensure that your practice is authentic, meaningful and effective. We look forward to meeting you on the mat!

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