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Ten Steps to Help You Unplug on Your Next Yoga Retreat

We recently wrote about the ways yoga helps us to unplug from our daily stressors. If you’re going on a yoga retreat soon, being able to disconnect with your life and enter the moment is doubly as important! Here are our top ten tips for unplugging on a yoga retreat.

Set an intention for your time away.
We can’t say enough about the importance of intention setting when you head off on a retreat. Without a clear idea of what goals you’re on this retreat to achieve, you might find that you aren’t getting as much out of your retreat as you’d like. Establishing an intention and committing to it is the easiest way to get your mind off of your life back home and center yourself in the goings on of your retreat.

Commit to a tech sabbatical.
Ask anyone you know, and they’ll likely agree that their phone is one of the most regular sources of stress in their lives. Our favorite app for tracking screen time is called Moment – download it before you go in order to keep a handle on your phone time. Better yet, keep it turned off for the duration of your time away!

Pack a book that you’ve been waiting to read.
One of the very best ways to unplug from your world is to immerse yourself in the world of a book. Many retreats will give you a fair amount of free time to spend as you wish. We highly recommend using at least some of that time reading! Nonfiction is great, but if you ask us, this is the time to take your mind on a journey with a great story.

Spend as much time outside as possible.
Try to catch the sunrise each day you’re on your retreat. This helps to sync your body with nature and and gets your day started on the right foot. Block off time outside of your yoga sessions to explore the outdoors, and make sure to take advantage of any outdoor activities, like horseback riding or hiking, that is offered as part of your retreat.

Start your day with a few minutes of stillness and breathwork.
This could be in the form of a guided meditation (we like the Headspace and Calm apps), working on your yoga breathing, or simply committing to five minutes of silence. You’ll feel a lot calmer from the outset of the day, making your mind and spirit a blank slate for all the good things your retreat will bring!

Bring your journal.
You’ll want to remember the thoughts and musings your clear, unplugged mind comes up with while you’re on your retreat. Writing them down in a retreat journal can help you find those places again and continue your progress once you’re back home.

Make time to unwind.
Many retreats offer massages, bodywork, spa-like treatments, or reiki. If yours does, be sure to do it! Our physical and mental states are so interwoven, and showing your body a little extra love can go a long way in clearing your mind. Does your retreat not offer these things? Spending some alone time with a hot cup of tea does the trick, too.

Leave your to-do list and work items at home.
Set up a vacation message on your work voicemail and email inboxes so that you’re not tempted to check in. There’s nothing going on there that can’t wait until you come back. This time is for you, and you won’t be able to make the most of it if you’re chained to your desk. 

Practice being more in the moment as you tune into your body and nature.
Savor this time away from your day-to-day life, tasks, chores, work, and stress. It’s such a special thing to be able to spend a few days with nothing but yourself, your mat, and the beauty of Mother Earth. Now is the perfect time to work on being where you are. Get that skill sharp on your retreat so that you have an easier time finding that bit of calm once your real life resumes.

Need a retreat to try these steps on? Om On would love to have you! We’re planning some amazing retreats for 2019, starting with Los Poblanos in May. Make your plans now to join us!

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