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Teacher Feature: Twylah Ekko

This month we caught up with Twylah Ekko, One of Om On’s favorite Restorative Teachers.  Also, a graduate of Om On’s 200 Hour Teacher Training, Twylah focuses on merging Earth wisdom, meditation, yin, and restorative for a mellow and mindful flow style class.

My purring kitten Birdie complete with kitten massages gets me going in the morning.

Life’s too short…to have road rage. 

I’ve never learned how to…cartwheel. 

My guilty obsession is…
creating homemade vegan ganache desserts of delectable flavor infusions such as lavender, peppermint, or orange and including unsuspecting ingredients (aka veggies) and then sharing them with friends (whom always ask for more please).

One thing you wouldn’t have guessed about me…
I used to work as a computer troubleshooter. 

My proudest accomplishment is…going to Peru BY MYSELF for an entire month.

My favorite tunes for on + off the mat…
Downtempo, Lounge and Reggae along with anything by Desert Dwellers. 

Hot tea or sometimes a hot toddy …when I need to mellow out and unwind.

I am consistently inspired by…
Mother Nature and Mudras

Reality Unveiled by Ziad Masri, Thought Vibration by William Walker Atkinson, and Imagination in Action by Shaun McNiff are on my nightstand waiting to be read (truth be told I have everything digital, but I did just downloaded these three books).

I am grateful that I am a yoga instructor because…

I get to share the awesomeness and healing power of yoga with so many wonderful individuals. 

My sweetheart and I playing with the kitty cats …makes me happy.

My PM Ritual is… to look for the moon before bed (as long as the clouds and/or calculations line up to see it) and reflect on my intentions for that moon cycle.

My top spot to escape is…Burningman  And the rest of the days that I’m not in the desert – a pillow in front of my alter for mudra meditation. 

Join Twylah Mondays @ 12:00 & Fridays @ 4:00 for some self-care as you hit reset in her Restorative Flow Classes!

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