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The Sound Bath Experience

One of the more unique yoga experiences is the sound bath. Taking part in a sound bath is a healing way to get more in touch with your body and your practice, and we couldn’t be more excited for our Flow + Sound Bath event with Resonate Yoga and Sound on July 2. If you’re not familiar with this ancient practice, no worries! We’ve got all the information you need to decide whether the sound bath experience is right for you.

What is a sound bath?

Simply put, sound baths use sonic vibration and frequency to calm the mind and body, allowing us to reach a deep place of relaxation where healing can occur. It can feel like you are actually being submerged in these sounds – hence “bath”! This practice is somewhat new to the West, but Tibetans have been reaping its benefits for millenia. Singing bowls, both metal and crystal, are generally used, though other percussive instruments such as gongs, drums, and rattles can achieve a similar effect. These instruments all create vibrations that can be used for deep restorative meditation and peace.  The vibrations will help you to connect with your body more deeply and clear your mind fully. Many people who experience sound baths describe feeling cleansed or like they have been rebooted. Research shows that this sort of sonic frequency has a number of health benefits, like decreasing anxiety levels, decreasing blood pressure, and improving mood.

Although some yoga sound baths are all savasana, our event will include a mellow flow.

What should I expect?

Our guests’ own description is:

Immerse yourself in movement + stillness + sound.
Mind, body + spirit will resonate in sonic vibrations, accessing states of consciousness conducive to stress relief + rejuvenation.”

You’ll begin with a gentle warm up that crescendos to an active, flow sequence fueled by the power of the breath. Ease your body into longer held passive yet supported poses that allow the systems of the body to relax, restore, and be more receptive to meditation. As you rest in extended savasana, surrender your thoughts to the complex overtones of singing bowls, gong and other ethereal sound makers. The vibrations will activate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system, shutting down stress and giving your body a chance to relax and heal. While not everyone’s experiences will be the same, you’ll likely end your practice feeling relaxed, balanced…and possibly a little sleepy.

Get to know Resonate

Resonate is the collaboration of husband and wife team Emilie and Andy Brockmann. What started as an invitation for Andy to play drums for Emilie’s final yoga teacher training class has now evolved into a partnership of yoga and sound. Andy draws from his decades of experience performing with jazz, flamenco and brazilian groups in Virginia and since relocating to NYC in 2013, has augmented his repertoire with middle eastern and Indian tabla drum studies. Emilie discovered her passion for yoga while attending Virginia Commonwealth University and earned her 200 Hour Yoga Vinyasa Certification through The Bhakti Center in NYC. Her practice goes beyond the physical aspects of yoga by delving into yogic and ayurvedic philosophies. Her intuitive teaching style has been described as “warm and nurturing”.

If you’re looking for a little more information on Resonate, take a look at their YouTube demo.

Now that you know a little more about sound baths, we hope you’ll join us for what we know will be a magical and healing experience. See you on July 2!

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