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How to Prepare for an Upcoming Yoga Retreat

So, you’re getting ready to go on a Yoga Retreat? 

There are many reasons that may have brought you to a yoga retreat, but we want to ensure that you are taking the time ahead of your retreat to fully prepare.  In order to do this you must understand your intentions for taking the retreat.

 Slowing down and checking in with both your body and mind will give you the ability to tap into the proper mind, body, and heart zone so that you can connect with what it is you need most out of your retreat.  

Journal Intention Setting Questions:

  • What is my main goal on my upcoming retreat?
  • What am I most looking to get out of my time on my yoga retreat?
  • What activities, self-care practices… will bring me the most balance?
  • How do I want to spend my days while on retreat?
  • Is there anything I’m looking to let go of, or bring into my life?
  • How can I best reconnect with my inner self?

Once you’ve cleared your head and set your heart on your purpose for retreating, now you can move forward with planning and prepping.  

We’ve compiled a short list of items to help you prepare, so that you arrive ready to find your zen and get your om on!

  • Review your Yoga Retreat Itinerary to understand the daily schedule
  • Ensure your passport/ Visa is current for International Travel
  • Prepare a copy of your passport/ visa for to leave with someone back home and a copy to keep in your belongings separate from your actual documents
  • Schedule any spa treatments, activities, and optional excursions 
  • Connect with your yoga roomie if bunking up and introduce yourself
  • Book your flights after you confirm the retreat has met minimum enrollment and is moving ahead
  • Consider purchasing trip insurance
  • Consider purchasing medical insurance
  • Review the retreat packing list and make a note of any items that you might need to purchase.  Take a look at our Packing List for our Upcoming Montana Retreat here  to get a start.  
  • Consider purchasing a travel yoga mat, which can be easily folded and packed, and is light weight.  Our favorite is the Manduka Eko Lite.
  • Determine how much extra spending money you’ll need
  • Attend the retreat info session if that’s available to you
  • Check the upcoming weather both a month out so that you can purchase any necessary gear, and again a week out 
  • Ensure you have a group contact number and destination contact number for travel purposes
  • Understand how the retreat location will accommodate any dietary needs you might have, and/ or plan to supplement with food that you will pack
  • Commit to a daily yoga practice so that your body and mind can transition with ease on the retreat
  • Prepare to gain space on your time away, by ensuring that your mail and home is taken care of, loved ones and pets are attended to, and all work items are put on hold.  
  • Consider using a vacation message on your voice mail and email so that you can give yourself permission to be away.
  • If you require cellular service understand and activate options ahead of departure
  • Contact your Credit Card company so they know you’ll be away if out of the country

Now go retreat and schedule time to bring your retreat experience back with you and let it infuse your daily life at home.

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