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Our Top Picks For An Eco Friendly Yoga Practice

We promote the use of sustainable and earth friendly products in our studio by selling sustainable athletic wear, eco friendly Yoga props, mats and skincare, along with using earth friendly products to maintain our studio and boutique. Check out our top picks for ensuring that your Yoga Practice is Eco Friendly.

Eco Friendly Yoga Props

We sell, (as well as offer free of charge for each class), Eco friendly Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks and Yoga Blankets to use during your practice to promote an earth friendly environment. We carry a wide array of Eco Friendly mats in our boutique available for purchase as well as handmade Mexican Yoga blankets. Drop by the boutique to check out our selection!

Handmade Mexican Yoga Blankets


Eco Friendly Sustainable Yoga/Athletic Wear

We carry a large assortment of sustainable Yoga and athletic wear in our boutique from brands like Alo Yoga, Manduka, Spiritual Gangster and Sundry, just to name a few! Try pairing the Manduka Solite Crop Top with their Floral Leggings for an earth friendly and adorable Yoga set for your next class.

The Manduka Solite Crop Top and Floral Legging

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products 

We use earth friendly cleaning products in our studio to promote a healthy and eco friendly environment. The Richmond based product line, Maven Made, has created an earth friendly Yoga mat cleaner that is non-toxic and aromatic. Made with full moon charged reverse osmosis water, white vinegar and lavender, tea tree and bergamot essential oils you can safely and effectively clean your mat after each class.

Maven Made Om On Yoga Mat Cleaner

Eco Friendly Reusable Water Bottle 

Be good to the environment and yourself by using a reusable water bottle to hydrate after each Yoga class. We carry brands like Swell and Ayur in our boutique, perfect for on the go hydration while also staying Eco Friendly. Pick up an Ayer Copper Water Bottle in either 20 or 32 ounces next time you’re here!

Ayur Copper Water Bottle 20oz

Eco Friendly Skincare Products 

Not only will your skin thank you, the Earth will too. Use products that are kind to the Earth and also kind to your skin. Avoid products that contain harmful toxins by using serums, sprays and creams with essential oils and plant-based ingredients. Try picking up something in our boutique from Oille. Their brand of plant-based, organic, natural skincare products are earth friendly, as well as kind on your skin. The beeswax + turmeric organic facial balm is perfect for all skin types and will help prep your skin for each class.

Oille Facial Balm- Photo Credits to Oille

Make sure to stop by our boutique and grab a product (or two) from our collection of earth friendly products to ensure you have an Eco Friendly Yoga Practice!

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