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Our Favorite Things To Do at Los Poblanos

We love Los Poblanos for so many reasons, but our favorite might just be how much there is to do! From strolling the fields and farms to getting active on the Rio Grande to recharging in one of the most beautiful spots the West has to offer, there’s something for everyone and never a dull moment. Once you check out this list, we’re sure you’ll want to join Om On for our New Mexico retreat next spring.

Take advantage of the fitness center and salt water pool

You might be looking to keep things a little more relaxed during your stay, but if you don’t want to leave your fitness regimen at home, use of the farm’s fitness center and salt water pool is available to all guests.

Stroll the formal gardens

The farm is surrounded by six acres of jaw-dropping gardens, each of which is well worth your time! We are particularly fond of the Rose Garden, which is just about one of the most romantic things we’ve ever seen, but the Herb Garden comes in a close second.

Hang with the peacocks, grouse, and alpacas

Animal pals always make things a little more fun! Who knows? They might even show you a part of the farm you weren’t expecting to find.

Grab a bike and head for the Rio Grande River Trail

New Mexico is an incredible place to explore, full of natural beauty and outdoor activities. When you’re ready to get out and stretch your legs, nearby Albuquerque features a stretch of the Rio Grande River Trail known as the Paseo del Bosque Trail. This trail goes through the Rio Grande’s cottonwood forest and is accessible on foot, by bike, or even on horseback!

Read a book by the lavender field

You can’t leave Los Poblanos without immersing yourself in the lavender of it all. Take a lazy afternoon to sit out by the fields and dive into a book that makes you feel good.

Dine at Campo

One of the newest parts of Los Poblanos is Campo, an incredible farm-to-table restaurant on the farm’s grounds. If what is on your plate wasn’t grown there, it came from one of the many local farms in the surrounding area. Campo serves both breakfast and dinner, and we highly recommend it for both. There’s no better way to cap off a day on the farm than with one of Campo’s lavender cocktails – our favorite is the Lavender ’99!

Take a farm tour

Self-guided farm tours are available for all visitors upon request. These tours will take you through the farm’s history, its classic New Mexico architecture, the beautiful gardens, and its impressive art collection.

Go behind the scenes and see how they craft their artisan lavender products

Los Poblanos’ lavender products are made simply and mindfully, using lavender essential oil that’s been produced with nothing but steam. Some products are still made on the farm’s 1934 Garland stove or copper still. You’ll be in awe of the care and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.

Browse at the Farm Shop

Have you seen our favorite Los Poblanos lavender products? Get them at the source! Beyond their variety of lavender bath and body products, the Farm Shop sells goodies from the farm such as tea, seasoning blends, sauces, and a whole lot more. Try the green chile jam for a real taste of New Mexico.

Retreat with Om On Yoga ☺

You knew we had to! The only way your stay at this amazing place could be better is with likeminded people and a focus on relaxation and renewal. Sign up now!

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