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Our Favorite Spring Skincare Products- 20% off During Our Earth Day Sale

Winter is OVER, and spring is here to STAY. Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin this spring with our favorite skincare products.

Not only do these products land at the top of our list of favorites, but they are also on SALE during our Earth Day Sale. Save 20% on these Eco Friendly, plant based, essential oil skincare products and all of the other Eco Friendly Skincare Products we carry in our boutique this weekend only (April 19th through the 22nd)!

For Hydration: Mac’s Smack Flower Power Hydrating Tonic

Hydrate your dry winter skin with this mix of Rose and Neroli. Perfect for hydration, setting makeup or a mid-day refresher.


Photo Credit to Mac’s Smack

For Anti-Aging:  Maven Made Anti-Aging Facial Serum

Filled with powerful plant ingredients this serum is perfect for fighting the signs of aging.

Photo Credit to Maven Made


For Your Body: Mac’s Smack Your Best Skin Body Butter

Rejuvenate your winter skin with this orange and vanilla body butter. Perfect for head to toe hydration.


Photo Credit to Mac’s Smack



For Your Lips: Mac Smack’s Goddess Tinted Lip Balm

The tinted Goddess lip balm helps to hydrate your lips while adding a hint of shimmer and color. Perfect for a day at the office, a night on the town, or your favorite Yoga class.

Photo Credit to Mac’s Smack



For Firming: Oille Firming Intelligence Facial Serum

With cranberry and green-tea this organic, plant-based firming serum helps to tighten and firm the skin on your face and neck.

Photo Credit to Oille



For Toning: Oille Toning Intelligence Facial Elixir Mist 

The lemon and green-tea in this elixir mist help to tone your skin and prepare it for the summer sun ahead.

Photo Credit to Oille

For Your Eyes: Oille Anti-Wrinkle Intelligence Eye Serum

Say goodbye to wrinkles and inflammation with the use of this eye serum packed with grapeseed and gotu kola oil.

Photo Credit to Oille


For Your Hands: Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Salve

Indulge in the scent of fresh lavender with this New Mexican essential oil hand salve to breathe life back into tired, dry hands.

Photo Credit to Los Poblanos



For Your Ayurvedic Ritual: Ayurveda Apothecary Tumeric Bath and Body Oil and Body Scrub

Follow your Ayurvedic rituals this spring with the use of turmeric on your body and in your bath.

Photo Credit to Ayurveda Apothecary


Try one or all of these Eco Friendly Skincare Products this spring to hydrate, tone, firm, and rejuvenate your skin. See you at the sale! 

Head to our online shop to check out more information on some of these products and to see more of the products we carry in our boutique! 


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