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Mantras to Focus On in 2019

If you have a regular yoga or meditation practice, you might be accustomed to using mantras as a way to focus your thoughts and center yourself around your intention. Mantras have a variety of benefits, each serving to enhance the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of our yoga practice. Repetition allows you to reach the unconscious mind, opening it up for spiritual healing and the creation of positive energy. The sound vibrations wake up the body and mind. When we begin our time on the mat by chanting “om”, our blood flow increases, our airways clear, and we enter into a deeper state of mind.

Here at Om On, we’re big believers in applying elements of our yoga practice to other areas of our life. Carrying over the lessons we learn about ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us when we practice into our daily lives makes our days more mindful and peaceful. As you’re setting your intentions for the new year, we encourage you to come up with a few mantras for 2019. They’ll help you approach the challenges the year will bring with an open mind and heart, and give you something to focus your energy on when things get a little more chaotic than you’d like. Here are some of the mantras we’ll be following. We hope they speak to your heart too!

Inhale peace, exhale doubt

I am present

I am positive and strong

I choose to be kind

I am enough

My dreams are accessible

I give and receive love

I choose to be at peace

I am capable and successful

My life is abundant and joyous

I release fear

I deserve happiness

I am where I’m supposed to be

I create my own future

I am growing every day

I am moving forward

I am love

We wish you love, joy, peace, and abundance in the year to come. Come practice with us at our West End studio soon to welcome 2019 on the mat!

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