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Journey Through the Chakras

The 7 chakras are the main points within the body that energy flows throughout.

In Sanskrit the word ‘chakra’ literally translates to to wheel, representing the energy that spins from the base of our spine, to the crown of our head in a clock-wise motion.

Each chakra has a different set of characteristics and aspects that relate back to how we function physically, mentally, and spiritually. Depending on what you experience through your life, your chakras can spin too fast, slow, or even backwards. This causes energy to become blocked, which can lead to physical/emotional tension and ailments.

When we start feeling ourselves become out of balance, the first thing we do is reach for the essential oils. Essential oils are an incredible way to nourish and support the health of your chakras.

Our favorite oil blends are made completely vegan and in small, hand-made batches by The Fifth Veda. The different essential oils mixed together are specific to each chakra, providing us with the opportunity to slow down and look inwards, focusing on whatever it is our bodies are trying to tell us.

Root Chakra – To Own

Grounding, supportive, secure. The Root chakra protects us by providing everything we need to survive.

Sanskrit: Muladhara

Color: Red

Location: Base of Spine

Body System: Skeletal, Bones

Food: Meat, Protein

Element: Earth

Life Stage: Infant

Sense: Smell

Yoga: Hatha, Restorative

Poses: Standing, Malasana

Affirmation: I am safe and secure.

Essential Oil: Sandlewood


Sacral Chakra – To Feel

Connectivity, acceptance, abundance. The Sacral chakra affects our sense of well-being and how we handle new experiences.

Sanskrit: Svadhistha

Color: Orange

Location: Sacrum

Body System: Reproductive

Food: Watery Veggies, Liquids

Element: Water

Life Stage: Toddler

Sense: Taste

Yoga: Tantra

Poses: Baddha

Affirmation: ­I accept joy and pleasure.

Essential Oil: Bergamot

Solar Plexus Chakra – To Act

Confidence, self-worth, mental focus. The Solar Plexus chakra helps with our ability to be in control of how we handle the ebb and flow of life.

Sanskrit: Manipura

Color: Yellow

Location: Solar Plexus

Body System: Digestive System

Food: Starchy Foods, Carbs

Element: Fire

Life Stage: 2-4 Years

Sense: Sight

Yoga: Karma

Poses: Danurasan, Navasana

Affirmation: I have purpose.

Essential Oil: Ginger

Heart Chakra – To Love

Joy, empathy, inner peace,  The Heart chakra helps with our ability to freely give and accept love.

Sanskrit: Anahata

Color: Green

Location: Heart

Body System: Circulatory System

Food: Vegetables

Element: Air

Life Stage: 4-7 Years

Sense: Touch

Yoga: Bhakti, Pranayama

Poses: Ustrasana, Garudasana

Affirmation: I am loved.

Essential Oil: Rose

Throat Chakra – To Communicate

Creativity, expression, truth. The Throat chakra magnifies our voices by ensuring we clearly speak our truth.  u

Sanskrit: Vissudha

Color: Bright Blue

Location: Throat

Body System: Ears, Mouth

Food: Fruits

Element: Ether

Life Stage: Adolescence

Sense: Hear

Yoga: Mantra

Poses: Halasana, Shoulder Stand

Affirmation: I express my truth.

Essential Oil: Eucalyptus

3rd Eye Chakra – To Perceive

Intuition, imagination, wisdom. The 3rd Eye chakra helps with our perception of the world, promoting clarity within our minds so we can properly make decisions.

Sanskrit: Ajna

Color: Indigo

Location: Space between the brows

Body System: Nervous System

Food: Raw Foods, Juices

Element: Light

Life Stage: Adulthood

Sense: Sight, Intuitive Mind

Yoga: Yantra, Jnana

Poses: Meditation

Affirmation: I follow my intuition.

Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang

Crown Chakra – To Be

Consciousness, awareness, trust within yourself. The Crown chakra helps with our sense of oneness, opening us up to the realization that all things are connected.

Sanskrit: Sahasara

Color: Ultraviolet

Location: Crown of the head

Body System: The body as a whole

Food: None

Element: None

Life Stage: Golden Years

Sense: Consciousness

Yoga: Meditation

Poses: Meditation

Affirmation: I feel oneness.

Essential Oil: Frankincense


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