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How Yogis Can Celebrate Earth Day

We celebrate Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd. Give back to the environment and give thanks to the Earth with some of these simple, yet effective tips for Yogis to get involved and celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature this Earth Day.

Practice Outside

Try taking your practice outside. Find a peaceful and quiet place among the trees or by the water, soak up the energy from the sun and enjoy the sounds of nature while you stretch and recharge your body and mind. This helps you to connect your feet to nature while also giving thanks to the Earth.

Purchase an Eco Friendly Mat

Using an Eco Friendly mat not only helps the environment but also helps your practice and overall health. Eco Friendly mats are good for your health, as well as the environment, because they do not use harmful plastics, carcinogens and phthalates. By using an Eco Friendly Yoga mat and setting an intention for your practice you will have a balanced and energized flow. One of the main rules in Yoga is to do no harm, which means to the environment as well.

Come by our boutique and check out our stock of Eco Friendly Yoga Mats. From Jade to Manduka, lite to super lite, we have a large assortment for any preference and purpose. As an added bonus we will be offering 20% off of all Yoga mats during our Earth Day sale happening this weekend only- April 19th through the 22nd. Purchase yours and help save the environment one mat at time!

Bring A Reusable Water Bottle With You To Class

Instead of bringing a plastic water bottle with you to class each time- try using a reusable one. Not only is the plastic in single-use bottles harmful to the environment, they are also harmful to your health. Try using a Swell bottle or an Ayur Copper Water Bottle to hydrate yourself. Both of these products are reusable, good for the environment and are non-leaching, BPA and toxin free (and not to mention, SUPER cute!) Grab one of these bottles next time you are in the studio- they are also included in our 20% off Earth Day Sale!

Dedicate Your Practice 

Dedicate and set an intention by sending love, power, energy and kindness to the Earth. Set the intention of your practice to thank the Earth– you will feel more connected while also staying grounded and focused in your practice.

Reduce Water Consumption

Always remember to drink plenty of water and to water your plants– but try and train yourself to take shorter showers and limit your overall water consumption. An average shower uses about 5 gallons of water per minute. If you shorten your shower by 2 minutes, you can cut your water use by 10 gallons!

Invite a friend

Spread the love and invite a friend to unplug and join you for a Yoga class. One person can do a lot of good, but two is twice as much. Create a chain reaction by inviting your friends, family or coworkers to our studio to help us celebrate and give thanks to Mother Nature on Earth Day.

Unplug and Come To A Yoga Class

Unplug your electronics for the day. Spend your day giving thanks and being kind to the Earth by recharging your mind and body, not your devices. Try ending your Earth Day by coming to one of our Monday night Yoga classes. Try a Vinyasa flow with Sarah from 5:15-6:15 or a Slow flow with Layton from 6:30-7:45. During your Yoga class try setting intention to the Earth to complete a full day of giving and thanks.

We look forward to seeing you this Earth Day!

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