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How Yoga Can Bring Balance to Your Life

We’re a little biased, of course, but we think that one of the kindest things you can do for yourself is practicing yoga. Taking time out of your day, or your week, to connect with your mind and body through yoga is the ultimate in self-care. There are so many benefits – physical, mental, and spiritual – to having a regular yoga practice that it can be hard to know where to begin! Here are our top ten favorite ways that yoga brings balance to your life.

1.  Yoga reminds us to stop and pause

The rest of the world seems to melt away when we’re on the mat. Keeping a regular practice makes it easier to access that sense of inner calm anywhere, any time.

2. Yoga invites us to take a step inward 

Practicing yoga teaches us how to stay in the moment, which in turn teaches us how to connect with our breath and our inner selves. Focusing on your flow or a particular position calms the mind and quiets the loud voices we all have inside.

3. Yoga teaches peace, compassion, and acceptance for ourselves and others

Here at Om On, we believe that an integral part of our yoga practice is extending the same kindness we show ourselves by practicing yoga to our friends and neighbors, our communities, and our Earth. When we live our lives according to the tenets of yoga, we’re spreading good vibes constantly!

4. Yoga connects us with ourselves and like-minded communities

A great way to get to know other yogis is on a yoga retreat! Om On offers multiple retreats each year. Our next one, coming up in spring 2019, will be at Los Poblanos, a historic lavender farm located just outside Albuquerque.

5. Yoga allows the body to relax and surrender

We especially love restorative yoga as a way of showing the body a little extra TLC. Learn more about restorative yoga here, then join our sweet restorative teacher Twylah for class on Mondays at noon or Fridays at four!

6. Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system response and thus calms the body and mind

One of our favorite ways to access this deep calm is with a sound bath. The vibrations and frequency from the sound clear the mind fully. We hosted a flow and sound bath event this summer, and hope to have another one again soon.

7. Yoga invites us to align our lives with our greater purpose

The mental clarity that yoga provides can open our eyes to the important things in our life, and intention setting teaches us how to set our minds to spreading positive energy and light.

8. Yoga increases strength, improves flexibility, and stimulates circulation

You’re sure to reap physical benefits from a regular yoga benefits. It’s a great choice for active recovery and fits in to any exercise regimen.

9. Yoga inspires and increases mental clarity

It’s amazing what a quiet mind can do! When we are calmer and more at peace with ourselves and the world around us, we’re ready to take life head-on.

10. Yoga helps us get closer to who we are!

On the mat, we become our truest, most authentic selves. There is no better gift we can share with the world than that!

What are you waiting for? Stop by our Richmond studio and flow with us!

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