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  • Create a Mindbody Account
  • Buy a Class Package
  • You’re all set!  We’ll hold your spot up until 5 min. before class start.
  • Arrive 15 min. early to fill out Waiver
  • Got Questions?  Call (804) 282-9642

What to Expect

Professionally Trained Instructors

We believe that quality instruction to keep you safe and customize the practice based on your needs is paramount.  As such, we not only seek out the very best Richmond has to offer in Yoga and Pilates Instructors, but we also offer our own certification programs, which many of our teachers have also completed.  Expect to have a professionally trained instructor guide you through a set sequence of postures and exercises. Instructors may also offer modifications based upon the individual needs of the student, so be sure to inform your instructor of injuries and illnesses. Some classes may incorporate the use of music.

Before Class

Arrive early (15 min.) so you can sign our New Student Waiver, meet your teacher, and get settled on your mat.

During Class

Classes normally start by focusing a few minutes on calming the mind and smoothing the breath.  After warming up the body, you’ll be guided through the core part of the class where an emphasis is placed on connecting the breath to movement in each yoga posture (asana) or pilates exercise.  Classes end by cooling down the body with some gentle stretches followed by a final relaxation period (savasana) in our yoga classes.

Honor Your Body

The main goal of yoga & pilates is not Competition.  Instead listen to your body and practice to your level.

If at any time a pose does not feel right or feels painful, please Stop! If necessary let the instructor know, or simply come into child’s pose, whichever is appropriate.


  • Arrive 15 min. prior to first class.
  • Feel free to print New Student Forms out and bring with you.  Just Click Here!.
  • Inform instructors of any special health conditions or physical restrictions.
  • Dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing is recommended.
  • Yoga Mats and other equipment are provided for use during class.
    (If you borrow a mat, you are encouraged to wipe it down with our mat cleaning spray after practice.  Please replace all props neatly at the end of class.)
  • Practice on a light stomach is recommended.
  • Be sure to hydrate.  H20 is available for purchase before class.
  • Silence your cell phone
  • Remove shoes and place all items in the cubbies provided. (the cork floor and pilates equipment is a shoe-free area)
  • Class Registration is recommended, and your spot is held up to 5 min. before class.
  • Workshop/ Event Registration is normally required, and your spot is held up to 5 min. before class.
  • Smile Often

Sign Up Online Through MindBody

To setup a Username and Password

  • Visit our Class Schedule at
  • Click Sign Up
  • You will be prompted to setup Username and Password for MindBody (Om On’s registration scheduler)
  • Your MindBody Log-in can then be used anytime to access your Om On Yoga account and register yourself for classes, workshops, and events.