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How to Prepare for Om On Yoga’s Montana Yoga Retreat at Grey Cliffs Ranch

With September just around the corner, we’re getting pretty giddy about our upcoming Montana Yoga Retreat at our private ranch for the week, Grey Cliffs Ranch.  Below are a few tips so you know what to expect from our time together.  We want you to have the pre-retreat prep down, so you can arrive ready to hit the mat and explore this incredible area!

Yoga Routine:

Our yoga practices will be designed to benefit those at all levels, but a foundation of general fitness and yoga will be advantageous. If you’re already committed to a daily practice of yoga, that’s fantastic, but there’s no need to worry if your time on the mat is a bit more sporadic. Simply being active each day will help your body transition into the twice-daily routine of the retreat. If at any time rest is necessary, please note that attendance at practice is not mandatory.

Listening to your body is a large part of the experience of yoga. This retreat is intended to help you tune into your body, heart, and mind so that they sing in harmony.

What to Pack:

  • Athletic clothing for yoga practice and hiking; loose and comfortable
  • Yoga Mat
  • Toiletries
  • Camera
  • Journal
  • Walking/running/hiking shoes
  • Sandals
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun Hat
  • Small Daypack
  • Insect repellant
  • Alarm clock or phone with alarm capabilities
  • A good book
  • A light – medium jacket for the cooler evenings
  • Rain jacket and possible rain gear weather dependant
  • Horse backing appropriate attire:  jeans, weather proof boots
  • Fly fishing waders and gear are available in limited quantity at the ranch, though you might feel more comfortable knowing you have your own.


Upper 50-70° F during the day

Low of 30-50° F at night

Elevation at the ranch is approximately 4,500 feet. Expect cool mornings and evenings and strong sun during the day.  And weather can shift very quickly so layers and performance fibers like merino that offer both breathability and warmth are helpful.

Our visit to Yellowstone National Park will take us to about 6,800 feet elevation wise, so expect cooler temperatures and possibly snow.  No prior horseback riding experience is necessary, and the outfitters are well-experienced handlers who can help to pair you with your sidekick for the day. They will also be there to guide us the entire day and ensure you remain comfortable.  Typical trail routes do lead us through potential river/ creek crossings and traverse rolling hills.

If you have other questions about our Montana Retreat this September, or others, don’t hesitate to reach us M-F 9-5:30pm EST at 804-282-YOGA (9642) or info@omonyoga.com.


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