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How to Combine Yoga with Other Workouts

Whether you prefer running, lifting weights or really just getting your sweat on, blood rushing and heart pumping, there is a Yoga class for you.

Yoga on its own is an excellent full body workout that helps to not only improve the overall health of your body but the health of your mind as well. When you have a healthy mind it is much easier to get your body to follow along. Combining Yoga with other workouts you are able to transform both your Yoga practice and any other exercises you may enjoy like cardio and weight training.

When you combine Yoga with other workouts it helps to improve your form, stability, endurance, flexibility and muscle shape. Below are some ways in which you can combine Yoga with other exercises and the classes you can take to help work  your body to its full potential and maximize the results you are working so hard to achieve.

Yoga + Weight Training

You can combine Yoga with weight training by taking a class that incorporates the use of weights or resistance bands to pump up the heat and really feel the burn. Classes that incorporate weight training are often referred to as Power Yoga, Yoga Strength and Yoga Sculpt, depending on the studio in which you practice. Many classes are offered that incorporate more than just the weight of your own body, which is a workout in itself. With every Yoga class you take you are working to move the weight of your own body and sometimes hold poses for extended periods of time which works to strengthen your body on its own. At Om On Yoga we offer both Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. To read the class descriptions for each class we offer at our studio you can visit our website and click on the dropdown menu titled classes to find full class descriptions.

Yoga + Cardio

To combine Yoga with cardio try a Vinyasa, Yoga Cardio, Yoga HIIT (high intensity) or Power Class (sometimes offered heated) will help to get your heart pumping by flowing between poses at a faster pace. At Om On Yoga we offer both Yoga HIIT and Vinyasa Yoga (heated and regular). Check out our schedule to see what day and times we offer both classes and make it a goal to try out one of these more intense classes, but only if you are comfortable and ready. Taking ANY Yoga class, no matter if its a slow flow class or a hot power class, is great exercise from head to toe. Yoga on its own is the best full body workout that incorporates cardio and strength training into every class you take by just using the weight of your own body. Also, if you are interested, try checking out a Hot or Heated Yoga class, if you are looking to turn up the heat (both literally and figuratively) on your Yoga Practice and burn some extra calories. We offer a Heated Vinyasa class every Wednesday night from 7:15-8:15pm that is sure to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Check out our schedule and sign up online or by using the MindBody app on your smartphone. You can even just drop in the night of and get your flow on, everyone is welcome!

Combining Yoga, cardio and weight training perfectly compliment one another and create the perfect balanced workout. Sign up for a class today and feel the (soulful) burn.


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