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Fall Equinox Yoga Guide

The Fall Equinox comes as the point where both light and darkness are cast equally this September 23.  This is the point where the energies of yin and yang are fully balanced and when we start to prepare for the winter ahead.  It’s also a peak turning point in the seasons, when literally the fall bounty and harvest begins to die out.  For this reason it is all about letting go and surrendering.

We love celebrating the equinox here at the Om On studio and want to share with you some ways you can bring the energy of Fall into this season.



The Fall Equinox represents a turning point where we begin to shift from the energy and vibrance of summer and the fall harvest. It is a point during the year that beckons us to begin to slow down and reflect.  As the natural environment begins to prep and store for winter, we too can take this time to be drawn by Earth’s energy inward.  How can we practice greater presence with ourselves?  Where have we gotten too distracted in our lives?  It’s also a perfect time to put into practice a meditation towards this seasonal transition.  We like to find a comfortable supine position perhaps lying over a bolster for our meditation time.

“Slowing down is the precursor to Yoga practice because this simple act allows us to consider our thoughts, feelings and actions more carefully in the light of our desire to live peacefully” – Donna Farhi


Our practice should also follow the lead to move more introspective.  For this reason it is a great time to find a balance of both heating and cooling postures.  By incorporating both the yin and yang aspects into our asanas, we bring about a gentle re-balancing and re-alignment in our bodies.  This allows for us to build strength but also to soften.  So, as we challenge the muscles and our bodies, we are invited to simultaneously let go and simply be within the pose, feeling it from the inside out.



Mountain Pose

Eagle Pose

Warrior I, II, III


Headstand/ Legs Up the Wall

Tree Pose

Forward Folds/ Grounding Postures

Think about equal energetic peaks throughout the practice.  Mindful Vinyasa.  Holding poses.  More pose inspiration here and here!


What has brought me balance?

What has caused me a lack of balance?

What areas of my life feel most aligned with my purpose?

How can I bring more balance to my day?

What shadow parts of myself do I need to honor?


  • Create a daily routine for structure
  • Say No if it doesn’t align with your purpose
  • Enjoy Cooking for yourself;  practice food sadhana
  • Unwind with a warm tub soak.  We love this oil by Maven Made for grounding.
  • Exercise should center on grounding the body and calming the mind
  • Take long nature walks to fully immerse in the season
  • Curl up with a good book.  We’re currently reading Daily Om.
  • Give back to yourself on a Yoga Retreat.


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