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Fall Ayurvedic Rituals Guide

Fall is a time of change.  Leaves begin to fall, the ground and atmosphere begin to dry up and we shift away from the hot, long days of summer to the short, cool days of winter.  The wind begins to pick up and we often experience blustery fall days, as well as, crisp mornings and evenings.  This is a welcomed reprieve from the intense summer heat, but for many fall’s sheer chaotic behavior can bring an unsettled feeling of anxiousness and unrest.  This is Vata Dosha at it’s finest, and in order to find balance, we thus must seek grounding, nourishing practices that bring harmony to our bodies and minds.  And moreover, since Vata is also the predominant energy / force behind society’s frenzied pace, most of us must be extra mindful to recognize it’s influence on our lives and work to find stability.

Dosha Breakdown:


Element:  Wind, air, ether;  wind behind our nervous system

Location:  All hollow spaces in the body where we hold onto our breath;  hollow organs, joints, bones;  especially hips and low back

Our thoughts of the mind;  space in the mind;  life force (prana)

Time:  2-6am, 2-6pm (time for meditation + creativity)

Season:  Fall + Winter

Life Cycle:  Golden years

Sense organs:  ears and skin

Physical Site:  colon

Body Type:  narrow frame, skant, dry skin, cracking, brittle frame, cold, doesn’t sweat, sun worshipers, irregular appetite, difficult sporadic sleep, moves, thinks, acts quickly, fidgets, sensitive to noise + light stimulation

Balanced:  Creative, motivational, light, flexible, agile, quick learner

Out of balance:  Poor digestion, excess gas, mental disorders, nervousness, agitation, anxiety, hyperactivity, sensitive to pain, noise disturbances, impulsive, spastic

Ayurvedic Rituals:  Warm + Ground for Stability & Clarity

  • Create a daily routine to add structure and control to life’s many demands.
  • Say “No” to taking on too much, or to agreeing to tasks that don’t align with your purpose.
  • Sit, don’t stand for meals, and enjoy 3 balanced meals. Knock the “on-the-go” out of your vocabulary.
  • Practice zen habits such as slowing down and being mindful while doing daily household chores.
  • Infuse your day with small luxuries that allow you to appreciate the small things.  For example, set the dinner table with proper place settings and plate your meal.
  • Unwind with a warm soak in the tub to calm your dry skin and warm your cold body.
  • Plan to get to sleep at the same time each night.
  • Eat a diet that delivers the right nutrients. Aim for eating mainly warm, cooked foods, natural oils, and lots of protein.
  • Exercise should center on bringing you back to the ground and your body and mind. Aim for calming not energizing practices such as meditation, yin yoga, and nature walks.
  • Yoga should be a mindful Vinyasa.  Think slow flow with extra holding in poses and equal peaks throughout.  Forward folds and grounding postures should take center stage.
  • Pranayama:  To be in the moment we must look to our breath, for is the only moment we have.  Taking inventory of it allows us to understand the quality of our moment and the present state of mind and body.  Try Deep belly breathing, 3 part Dirga breath, or warming breath work.






Nourishing Lifestyle Habits:

  • Grounding opportunity to sync with setting sun
  • Earthing by walking barefoot in grass, sand…
  • Notice shifts in natural world
  • Slow down to hibernate for winter and stay aware in the process
  • Notice change in sun’s tilt
  • Find balance and ability to restore and rejuvenate; = Action and Being;  Activity and Restoration;  Yang and Yin;


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