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Debunking Pilates Myths

Pilates. Some may say it is a scary word, but trust us, it is anything but scary. Known as one of the best total body workouts, Pilates is great for many things. Core, overall body and pelvic strength, helping to improve balance, posture and flexibility and much more. No matter your skill set, athletic ability, age, height, gender, etc. Pilates is for everyone, and you should be afraid to try it.

If you are interested in trying a Pilates class you may have asked around, done some online research or even formed your own preconceived notion about this popular exercise experience. Upon doing so you may have heard some of the common myths. Well, we can assure you that they are just that; myths.

Let us debunk some of the Pilates myths you may have heard so you can feel more comfortable coming to a class and get the inside scoop on this popular exercise.

I am not in “the best shape” 

Good news, Pilates is for ALL body types. And even better news, if you are not feeling your best, Pilates is a great way to get and stay in shape. Using controlled, “core-based” movements, Pilates is one of the best workouts for improving overall strength and works to target specific areas on the body to give you long, lean and toned muscles.

I am not flexible 

Pilates helps to improve flexibility, so no worries if you aren’t a master of contortion before you take a class. Your instructor will help guide you and instruct you on movements to do that cater to your ability and help you achieve your goals. There is no need for immediate flexibility the moment you hit the mat or climb on the reformer.

I am not a dancer 

While Pilates and dance compliment each other, it is not necessary to be a professional before you join a class. Many dancers use Pilates as a workout because it helps to improve strength, posture, balance and flexibility, but it is in no way a prerequisite.

I do not have good balance 

Like they say, “fall ten times, stand up eleven”. Pilates is a class that you can take at your own pace and receive assistance from the instructor throughout. While Pilates works to improve your balance, it is okay to take some moves a little slower while you gain your balance. By focusing on the “powerhouse of the body”, or core, you will find your balance improves with each class.

I am not strong enough 

Pilates is an excellent total body workout because it strengthens you from head to toe. Pilates provides body awareness, therefore, it helps to create mindful and efficient movement. Because much of the class is focused on spinal alignment and core strength you are using and improving smaller muscles in your body that quickly build to create overall strength. Your instructor will know what springs to use, if you are on the reformer, that cater to your current ability and you will work together to improve your strength.

Isn’t that only for women?

No sir! Guys, luckily for you, Pilates is for everyone. It is an excellent way to tone and target often neglected muscle groups. While Pilates focuses on stretching for flexibility, it will help to prevent future injuries and muscle strain and greatly increase range of motion. If you are looking to get the abs of your dreams, Pilates works to target your core, improving those “6 pack abs”.

I do not have any experience 

This should be the least of your concerns! Pilates is perfect for beginners all the way to seasoned veterans. Don’t be afraid to just drop into a class. Your instructor is there to guide you and teach you how to execute each move properly. It is a learning experience and a great one at that. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and never be afraid to speak up so you can better learn and properly preform each movement to avoid injury or confusion. It is important to fully complete each move to your best ability in order to receive the full benefits, so ask away!

Join us for a class or sign up for a private lesson and let our incredible Pilates instructors show you the ropes and help you see the benefits of adding Pilates to your fitness plan. Check out our class schedule and join us on the reformer or meet us on the mat!

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