Below are brief descriptions of the classes we currently offer at our studio. When you’re ready to sign up for a class, click here to view this week’s schedule and register for a class.

Yoga Basics

Yoga An introduction to the practice of yoga, this class will focus on how to build a solid foundation in yoga postures, understanding of proper alignment and modifications based upon each students’ needs, as well as use of the breath to center the mind.  Learn how to infuse your life with more peace and relaxation, all while improving balance, building strength and increasing flexibility.  Time for questions and breakdown of postures/ teaching principles will be offered each week.


Level:  Beginner.  All […]

Advanced Vinyasa

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Dive deeper into your Vinyasa practice with a class full of strength, focus and advanced poses that take you to the next level. This class is for the advanced Yogi who is comfortable practicing inversions, arm balances away from the wall and full wheel with straight arms.

Ashtanga Improv

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The Ashtanga method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures producing internal heat and purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.

Ashtanga Led Primary

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The core of this class will draw upon the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and will focus on the Ashtanga system of postures. These sequences will focus on synchronizing the breath with the posture while utilizing Ujjayi pranayama (breath), bandha (internal locks), and drishti (gazing point). Appropriate for students with a regular Ashtanga or Vinyasa practice.



Ease into guided restorative postures and meditation. Ideal for those suffering from fatigue, joint and muscle stiffness, and a high stress lifestyle.

Hatha 1 and 2


Regain balance by linking your breath with gentle movement and postures. Refine your flexibility and tone your muscles through standing and seated poses.

Heated Vinyasa

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Be prepared to sweat as you detoxify, purify, and ignite your body and mind. A traditional Vinyasa style class with a love for fire.

Intro to Yoga

Our Introduction to Yoga Series is the perfect way to both ease into your first steps on the mat, as well as refine and deepen an existing yoga practice. Join absolute beginners, advanced beginners, and more experienced yoga students in a supportive environment to learn yoga principles in practice. Students will learn about the connection of the breath with movement, meditation techniques, and postural alignment in basic yoga poses.

Jivamukti Open Class

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A playful practice that will build strength, flexibility, and focus. Link breath, movement, and sound to invigorate and energize body, center the mind and find balance.

Kids Yoga

A lighthearted class just for kids. Focus on balance, concentration and fun! Yoga introduces great ways for kids to manage emotions and energy. Ages 4 to 8. A Minimum Enrollment Requirement is in place, so encourage friends to join!


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We turn up the heat on a traditional Vinyasa style class with a strength building focus. Get ready to challenge yourself, sweat, and crank up the power.

Restorative Flow


This class begins with a gentle flowing vinyasa practice to warm and prepare the body, and ends with deep relaxing restorative postures. A great way to refresh and release.

Slow Flow


Vinyasa flow turned down a notch. Come slow down your body as you learn to easily flow in and out of poses while refining postures and focusing inward.

Teens Yoga

An introduction to Yoga especially designed for teenagers. Come learn about yoga and get a great workout for the mind and body. Ages 9 to 14. A Minimum Enrollment Requirement is in place, so encourage friends to join!

Vinyasa Flow

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Our signature flow class ideal for all levels. Invigorate and energize the body as you glide in and out of postures following the natural rhythm of your breath.



A meditative class that focuses on the extended holding of stretching postures (up to 5 min.), in order to find opening of joints and balance in body and mind. Your breath will guide you through the quiet intensity of releasing tense areas of the body. A great compliment to Vigorous “Yang” activities such as Vinyasa Yoga, Running, and Cardio. Leave feeling relaxed and restored.

All Levels. Not suitable for students with Joint Replacements.