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Why Become a Yoga Teacher

Becoming a Yoga teacher is not only rewarding, it is enlightening, both spiritually, mentally and physically. If you find your best self while on the mat, if you live, breathe and love Yoga, then this may just be the next stop on your path. If you are looking to share your passion and love for Yoga with others, beginning your Yoga teacher training may be the next step in your [...]

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Hatha vs. Vinyasa Yoga

With so many different styles of Yoga out there, it is important to find the style you like. Although it can be nice to try different styles within your practice, finding the style that best suits you is important and can often be all about trying out a couple of different ones. Whether you like to keep things moving, or slow things down. There is a style for you! There [...]

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Benefits of Heating Things Up in a Yoga Class

While there are benefits to slowing down, there are also benefits to heating things up when it comes to a Yoga class. Let's dive into some of the benefits of heating things up in your practice when you take a hot or heated Yoga class. Heated/Hot Yoga stepped on the scene in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury while he was teaching in Japan. He noticed that many of his students [...]

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The Most Popular Styles of Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years and there are with many different styles and ways to practice. Whether you prefer to heat things up with Hot Yoga or slow things down with Restorative Yoga, there is something for everyone. Yoga began as an ancient practice in India, in 3000 B.C., and found it's way to the United States in 1893. The oldest known form of Yoga being Vedic Yoga, although, many styles [...]

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How to Find Stillness in a 60 Minute Yoga Class

Finding stillness is a key part of your Yoga practice, no matter the class style or length of said class. Be it Hot Power, Restorative or Vinyasa it is important to find stillness in your body and your mind. Classes vary in times from 60 minutes to 75 minutes and even 90 minutes. A 60 minute class may seem too short for you to find stillness, it may be just right [...]

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The Art of a Yogi’s Playlist

Yoga is an art form in which the body, mind and soul are connected as one. The music in which you choose to flow to can truly make or break your practice. Depending on your mood, vibe, yoga teacher and class in which you are taking, it is important to choose the right songs. Yoga itself is melodic, therefore, picking the perfect playlist has to follow the melody of your [...]

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The Art of Yoga Sequencing and What Class To Take To Find The Best Sequence For You

There is an art and science to Yoga sequencing that helps create a meaningful and melodic flow while transitioning between each pose. It is vital for an authentic and effective Yoga practice to follow a sequence that honors your body. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran it is important to ensure that the sequence and class style match your needs every time you step on the mat. Different [...]

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How To Stay Healthy In Your Pilates Practice

Pilates, created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, is excellent for strengthening your core, pelvis and posture. Pilates works to strengthen and tone while also increasing flexibility. Much like Yoga, Pilates is a great total body workout and compliments other practices like Yoga, while also having positive impacts on strength training and cardio exercises. Just like any other daily practice or workout it is important to stay healthy during your [...]

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5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Take a Yoga Class and Why You Should

Everyone has their reservations when beginning a new journey.. It is completely normal and you are definitely not alone. This is extremely true when it comes to beginning, or finding your way back to your Yoga practice. You may have heard some reasons or even convinced yourself as to why you think you would not benefit from taking a Yoga class. Well, we are here to tell you that they [...]

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How Pilates Compliments a Yoga Practice

Yoga and Pilates differ in ways, yes, but as they say "good eyebrows are sisters, not twins". This is also true when is comes to Pilates and Yoga. Although they may not be twins they are most definitely sisters and greatly assist each other. Yoga and Pilates have many complimenting characteristics and Pilates has often been proven to enhance your Yoga practice. Pilates can be used alongside your Yoga practice [...]

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