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5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Take a Yoga Class and Why You Should

Everyone has their reservations when beginning a new journey.. It is completely normal and you are definitely not alone. This is extremely true when it comes to beginning, or finding your way back to your Yoga practice. You may have heard some reasons or even convinced yourself as to why you think you would not benefit from taking a Yoga class. Well, we are here to tell you that they [...]

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How Pilates Compliments a Yoga Practice

Yoga and Pilates differ in ways, yes, but as they say "good eyebrows are sisters, not twins". This is also true when is comes to Pilates and Yoga. Although they may not be twins they are most definitely sisters and greatly assist each other. Yoga and Pilates have many complimenting characteristics and Pilates has often been proven to enhance your Yoga practice. Pilates can be used alongside your Yoga practice [...]

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Poetry of Yoga: Collecting Feathers

source:  Heather Lancaster of Creative Heat Photography We are thrilled to announce our beloved instructor, Tara (Becky) Eschenroeder's first book out now.  We were completely inspired by this collection of sacred poetry that inspires vulnerability, compassion, and vibrancy.  What an incredible source of inspiration spoken straight from the heart and where each word has been carefully chosen to touch the reader and sprinkle a dusting of sparkles. Writing Process Almost [...]

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Top Yoga Teacher Training Book List

Getting ready to embark upon your path of teaching.  Check out our top picks for books that should be on your list.  Each one will deepen your practice and infuse your teaching.  Teaching Yoga:  Mark Stephens Our go-to guide for all things teaching.  We love the focused sequences that Mr. Stephens offers in the back, as well as, the thorough asana (posture) breakdown. This comprehensive text book is used as an [...]

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Top Yoga Books on Our Yoga Retreat Packing List

Reading is always an intentional self-care we do here at the studio. It's a time to reflect, educate and slow down - something we REALLY enjoy doing. And with 2018 rolling by, we wanted to offer 9 amazing books to add to your reading list - full of impactful content, amazing stories and words of comfort. Spiritual Graffiti by MC YOGI Practice of You Journal by Elena Brower Yogi Assignment by Kino MacGregor [...]

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