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How to Combine Yoga with Other Workouts

Whether you prefer running, lifting weights or really just getting your sweat on, blood rushing and heart pumping, there is a Yoga class for you. Yoga on its own is an excellent full body workout that helps to not only improve the overall health of your body but the health of your mind as well. When you have a healthy mind it is much easier to get your body to [...]

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5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Take a Yoga Class and Why You Should

Everyone has their reservations when beginning a new journey.. It is completely normal and you are definitely not alone. This is extremely true when it comes to beginning, or finding your way back to your Yoga practice. You may have heard some reasons or even convinced yourself as to why you think you would not benefit from taking a Yoga class. Well, we are here to tell you that they [...]

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Poetry of Yoga: Collecting Feathers

source:  Heather Lancaster of Creative Heat Photography We are thrilled to announce our beloved instructor, Tara (Becky) Eschenroeder's first book out now.  We were completely inspired by this collection of sacred poetry that inspires vulnerability, compassion, and vibrancy.  What an incredible source of inspiration spoken straight from the heart and where each word has been carefully chosen to touch the reader and sprinkle a dusting of sparkles. Writing Process Almost [...]

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Mantras to Focus On in 2019

If you have a regular yoga or meditation practice, you might be accustomed to using mantras as a way to focus your thoughts and center yourself around your intention. Mantras have a variety of benefits, each serving to enhance the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of our yoga practice. Repetition allows you to reach the unconscious mind, opening it up for spiritual healing and the creation of positive energy. The [...]

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Celebrating the New Year in a Mindful Way

We'll be greeting the new year in just a few days. Although we tend to associate New Year's Eve with blowout parties, there's no law that says you have to spend your evening like that! If you're looking for a more mindful way to ring in 2019, we've got you covered. Here are Om On's favorite tips for a mindful New Year's celebration! Set Your Intentions We talk a lot [...]

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Yoga Companies That Give Back

Living a yoga lifestyle means supporting and giving back to your community in whatever way you can. Om On likes to do this by, among other things, featuring brands and companies that do good in our West End boutique. It's no surprise that so many great yoga retailers make giving part of their mission, and we're proud to stock the brands on this list! Make your holiday gifts more meaningful [...]

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The Importance of Tapas in Yoga

Tapas is more than a cocktail party snack! When we talk about tapas in yoga, we're referring to a Sanskrit word that describes the internal fire that stokes our yoga practice. This fire powers our ability to burn fuel efficiently, as well as to invigorate the body and mind.   When we focus on tapas, we focus on ridding the body of those things which no longer serve us. It is [...]

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Ten Steps to Help You Unplug on Your Next Yoga Retreat

We recently wrote about the ways yoga helps us to unplug from our daily stressors. If you're going on a yoga retreat soon, being able to disconnect with your life and enter the moment is doubly as important! Here are our top ten tips for unplugging on a yoga retreat. Set an intention for your time away. We can't say enough about the importance of intention setting when you head [...]

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Yoga and Unplugging

Nowadays, we're constantly bombarded by sensory stimulation and technology overload. When we have an unceasing connection to the world outside of us in the form of smartphones, social media, and screen time means that we are revving our sympathetic nervous system, and maxing out our stress levels, which puts our system into overdrive. As cold weather sinks in and the world slows down, we're reminded of how important it is [...]

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How Yoga Can Bring Balance to Your Life

We're a little biased, of course, but we think that one of the kindest things you can do for yourself is practicing yoga. Taking time out of your day, or your week, to connect with your mind and body through yoga is the ultimate in self-care. There are so many benefits - physical, mental, and spiritual - to having a regular yoga practice that it can be hard to know [...]

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