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Acoustic Yoga Flow: Christie Lenee

One of our favorite things to do here at the studio (other than our typical practice) is host events and workshops that highlight the creativity and talent of our community. And lucky enough, we have one of these fun workshop coming up on Thursday, April 5th. We will be hosting this special event with Becky Eschenroeder and musical guest, Christie Lenee. THE WORKSHOP Attending the workshop here at the studio, [...]

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Travel Diary: Primland

Travel Diary:  Primland Resort This Spring we ventured to Primland Resort in Southwestern Virginia for some retreat scouting and photo shooting for our spring collection. If you've never been to Primland, you are really missing out on a hidden getaway like no other. Just 4 hours Southwest of Richmond and 1 hour South of Roanoke, Primland is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains on 12,000 acres of wild land. And [...]

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Our Fave Yoga Retreat Hideout: Grey Cliffs Ranch in Southwest Montana

Grey Cliffs Ranch is located in stunning southwest Montana, in close proximity to the lively town of Bozeman. The 5,200 acre ranch offers a rolling pastoral setting surrounded on all sides by the gorgeous Montana mountains. The ranch which was at one time a cattle ranch, has been brought back to it’s natural state over a very intense restoration project, and is now home to many wildlife. Retreaters may glimpse [...]

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Travel Diary: Collective Vail

Travel Diary:  Collective Vail This summer we ventured to Vail, Colorado in search of peace and a genuine reset.  We landed at Collective Vail part of the Collective Retreats Brand, a Glamping Site that is equal parts roughing it and indulgence. Set on an incredible plot of 1000 acres of rolling ranch land in Colorado, Collective Vail allowed us the respite from our daily grind that we so needed.  We [...]

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Yoga Playlist: What’s on our Spring Yoga Playlist

Music plays a large role in many yogi's practice whether it's for mindfulness, setting the tone, way into meditation, or just simple motivations. Many instructors here at Om On play their favorite music and playlists during class so we wanted to share those choices with you! Add these songs, artists and playlists to your list when practicing and we hope it brings some inspiration! --- Pandora favorites : Amos Less [...]

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Travel Diary: Grey Cliffs Ranch, Montana

We’re just back from our incredible time at Grey Cliffs Ranch in Two Forks Montana, and our time there couldn’t have been more magical.  For those of you who have never travelled to Montana, what are you waiting for?  Montana is the stuff of the Oregon Trail days.  In a display of wild and raw nature it is equal parts grounding and breathtaking.  I am constantly enamored by the way [...]

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Things we Luv: Los Poblanos Lavender

THE HISTORY One of the most historic properties in the Southwest, Los Poblanos provides a getaway space to explore a historic inn and organic farm in the North Valley of Albuquerque New Mexico - the 25 acre property is set on land originally inhabited by the Anasazi Indians in the 14th Century. Today the inn offers guest rooms and suites that incorporate the classic Hacienda New Mexico style elements as well as gorgeous lavender [...]

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Top Tips for Picking a Yoga Retreat

Picking the right yoga retreat for you can be a tough decision with so many options, locations and details available - which one do you choose?! Today, we have a few top tips to help you determine the best yoga retreat for you! 1. Determine what you are looking for in a retreat This is an easy one to start with as you can think through questions like... Are you looking for [...]

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Top Yoga Books on Our Yoga Retreat Packing List

Reading is always an intentional self-care we do here at the studio. It's a time to reflect, educate and slow down - something we REALLY enjoy doing. And with 2018 rolling by, we wanted to offer 9 amazing books to add to your reading list - full of impactful content, amazing stories and words of comfort. Spiritual Graffiti by MC YOGI Practice of You Journal by Elena Brower Yogi Assignment by Kino MacGregor [...]

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