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Richmond Bloggers We Love

The Richmond wellness community is full of awesome bloggers! We’re all about spreading the local love, so we reached out to five of our favorites to learn a little more about who they are, what they write about, and what makes their blog special. Their sites are sure to inspire you, give you some great new ideas, and make your life a little more fun. You're going to fall in [...]

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Fall Ayurvedic Rituals Guide

Fall is a time of change.  Leaves begin to fall, the ground and atmosphere begin to dry up and we shift away from the hot, long days of summer to the short, cool days of winter.  The wind begins to pick up and we often experience blustery fall days, as well as, crisp mornings and evenings.  This is a welcomed reprieve from the intense summer heat, but for many fall's [...]

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New York City Wellness Guide

It’s hard enough to get into a strong wellness routine in your own city, while you travel you have to battle with being out of your kitchen, away from your fitness studio, and eager to explore and eat your way through the new and unknown. Fortunately, if you are conscious about making healthier choices, most cities have options that will cater to your needs and preferences. Our City Wellness Guides [...]

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Local Love: Best Ice Cream Shops in RVA

Labor Day has come and gone, but warm weather will still be around for a few weeks! There's still plenty of time to hit up all the amazing ice cream shops in RVA. Whether you're into upscale flavors, vegan options, fro-yo, classic treats, or a little bit of each, we've got you covered. Scoop: Small-batch ice cream in the heart of the Fan, on Strawberry Street. All the baked goods [...]

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Fall Equinox Yoga Guide

The Fall Equinox comes as the point where both light and darkness are cast equally this September 23.  This is the point where the energies of yin and yang are fully balanced and when we start to prepare for the winter ahead.  It's also a peak turning point in the seasons, when literally the fall bounty and harvest begins to die out.  For this reason it is all about letting [...]

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Guest Blog: Top Picks in Venice, CA

The magical Sarah Weston will be joining us for our Montana retreat in a couple of weeks, and we are so excited to have her in our tribe! To get to know her a little better (and get some travel tips for ourselves, let's be real), we asked her for some of her favorite things to eat, see, and do on her home turf of Venice, CA. Venice is just [...]

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Our Favorite Virginia Yoga Retreat Destinations

Virginia’s natural beauty is almost too good to be true. In a little less than 43,000 square miles, we have mountains, rolling foothills, cities, and gorgeous beaches. It makes perfect sense, then, that it’s full of great places to have a yoga retreat. In two parts, we’re going to share with you some of our favorite spots in the Commonwealth, perfect for exploring during a retreat or just checking out [...]

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Local Love: Richmond Organic Food Scene

We love a good splurge from time to time, and RVA is full of them! But more often, we prefer to munch on things that are both tasty and responsible to our bodies and our world. Luckily, we’re surrounded by plenty of that too. Here’s Om On’s take on the Richmond organic food scene. As a bonus, you’ll find our favorite things to eat at these places. Be sure to [...]

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Richmond Labor Day Guide

Labor Day is fast approaching! We hate to say goodbye to summer already, but the good news is there’s plenty of fun things to do around town all weekend. If you’re looking for a way to spend the holiday, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to Labor Day weekend in the River City. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited Lewis Ginter, this weekend is the right time [...]

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Richmond Shopping Guide

We really can't say enough about how much we love our hometown of Richmond, VA. You've probably heard about our killer food scene, museums, and natural beauty, but we think RVA should get a little more love for its amazing stores. Richmond is all about locally-made goods, responsible sourcing, and the perfect mix of old and new. Our shopping is too! Here are just a few of our favorite stores [...]

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