Yoga Adventure Retreats

When you imagine a yoga retreat, what do you see? Many people will immediately think of solitude, meditation, and health food. While those sorts of retreats are available, and they are a wonderful way to deepen your practice if you are so inclined, yoga retreats are as diverse and dynamic as yogis themselves. So many options are available nowadays that finding the perfect retreat for your goals, intentions, and interests [...]

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How to Prepare for Om On Yoga’s Montana Yoga Retreat at Grey Cliffs Ranch

With September just around the corner, we're getting pretty giddy about our upcoming Montana Yoga Retreat at our private ranch for the week, Grey Cliffs Ranch.  Below are a few tips so you know what to expect from our time together.  We want you to have the pre-retreat prep down, so you can arrive ready to hit the mat and explore this incredible area! Yoga Routine: Our yoga practices will [...]

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Richmond Local City Guide

There’s not much we love more than our hometown, beautiful Richmond, VA. RVA’s gotten quite a bit of press lately, and while we love that everyone’s opening their eyes to what a gem our city is, we think you deserve a local spin on what makes Richmond special. We hope this list will get you to pay us a visit! The Skinny Eat Can Can: Classic French bistro vibes and [...]

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Yoga and Essential Oils

It’s hard to overstate how beneficial essential oils can be to your yoga practice. They can increase focus and energy, reduce stress or evoke a sense of calm, reduce muscular tension, support your immune system, and so much more. When we’re talking about essential oils and their benefits, we are often talking about aromatherapy, which is the use of plant materials or aromatic plant oils to increase both psychological and [...]

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Teacher Feature: Jennie Ray Hart

This week we caught up with one of Om On's newest Instructors, Jennie Ray Hart, to chat all things yoga, fave RVA spots, and her path to the mat.  Check out Jennie's new class on Tuesdays @ 9:45am & Quirk Hotel's Incredible Rooftop Sundays @ 10:30am! My Mini-Whoodle, Rayven gently licks my eyelids and gets me going in the morning. My favorite riff on a pb&j is... always to add [...]

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Things to do at Grey Cliffs Ranch  

Our favorite part about a yoga retreat is exploring all of the different things there are to see and do both on site and throughout the surrounding area. Whether you're looking for a getaway where you can be super active, or something a little more relaxed - the Montana Yoga Retreat can be easily customized to fit your vacationing needs. The following activities are all included in the Grey Cliffs Ranch Yoga [...]

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Our Favorite Montana Yoga Retreat Destinations

The Wild West is calling! We’re getting excited for our retreat in Montana next month. Montana is such a raw place, full of natural wonders that will make you drop your jaw in amazement of Mother Earth’s beauty. It’s also got no shortage of charming small towns to love. It’s one of our favorite places, and we think you’d dig it too. Here is a taste of the best Big [...]

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The Yoga Experience at C Lazy U Led by Om On Yoga

Our yoga time at C Lazy U Dude Ranch will be led by the professional and motivational, Elizabeth Fuqua of Denver, Colorado.  Elizabeth is a yoga and fitness lover with a wide array of knowledge and experience. Your Teacher:  Elizabeth Fuqua Elizabeth is certified as an E-RYT 200, is a Certified Personal Trainer, and a current student of Chinese Medicine at the Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO.  A long [...]

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Meditation Retreats vs. Yoga Retreats

We get a lot of questions about the benefits of meditation retreats or yoga retreats. While there are similar benefits to each, the truth is they're quite different. Below, you'll find some of the basics on each retreat, like what to expect, what to pack, and how to get ready. We hope these tips will help you find what's right for you! Meditation Retreat Who it’s for: Meditation retreats are [...]

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Shopping for Non-Plastic Yoga Mats

Our yoga practice leads us to an eco-friendly lifestyle. When we live the tenets of yoga, we cultivate a positive relationship with Mother Earth, meaning we aim for low or zero waste and do our best to live in harmony with nature. If we’re making green decisions off the mat, we should be taking into account the mat itself! It might seem counterintuitive, but many yoga mats are not made [...]

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