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Benefits of Heating Things Up in a Yoga Class

While there are benefits to slowing down, there are also benefits to heating things up when it comes to a Yoga class. Let’s dive into some of the benefits of heating things up in your practice when you take a hot or heated Yoga class.

Heated/Hot Yoga stepped on the scene in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury while he was teaching in Japan. He noticed that many of his students retreated to the sauna post flow, so he decided to combine the two and began using heaters in his Yoga room. By incorporating the heaters he noticed an increase in the benefits he was receiving from his regular classes. These are some of the benefits he first noticed, and we see today from practicing in hotter temperatures.

It increases flexibility.

When you turn up the heat your muscles become more pliable. The moisture in the air from the heat and humidity help to loosen your muscles and allows you to get a deeper stretch.

It ups the intensity.

With the rising temperatures your heart rate will increase, creating a more intense and beneficial class.

It adds a boost to your breathing.

The higher temperatures will have you more in tune and focused on your breathing because your body is working to cool you down. Along with increased focus on your breathing, heated Yoga classes increase lung capacity. The breathing exercises practiced in a heated environment helps to train your lungs to retain more air. Deeper and more focused breaths allow for more oxygen to enter the blood stream and travel to other organs in the body.

It will double the stress reduction.

Yoga itself is a great stress reliever. But, when you turn up the heat and are focusing mainly on deep breathing, which is key to relaxation and stress-relief, you will feel the stress melt away at double the speed.

It will help you slim down.

Anything that gets your heart rate going is going to aid in calorie burning and weight loss. As the heat rises, your body will also begin to sweat. Sweating in your body’s way of trying to cool itself down and is also a great way to shed water weight. Turning up the heat in a Yoga class is a great way to detoxify your body and mind.

Looking to tone it up?

Heated Yoga can push your body to its limits, as your endurance increases so will your overall strength and stamina.

It strengthens your immune system. 

Exercising in hot places is known to improve your immune system and elevates the body’s regenerative capacity.

And finally, it is great for detoxifying your body, mind AND skin.

The steaminess of a heated Yoga class acts much like a sauna. While also detoxing your body your skin will thank you, as well. The steam in the room will help to clear clogged pores, but, because your body will be sweating it is good to go home and cleanse your face following a heated flow to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Sound like your kind of thing? Head to the studio and join us for a Hot Power class. With 5 Hot Power classes offered weekly, we hope you will come heat things up with us!

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