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Are Yoga Retreats Worth It?

With so many options – not to mention the financial commitment – we think it’s super important to understand the many reasons why yoga retreats are worth the investment! Many types of yoga retreats exist, which means you have the chance to pick the one that best fits your needs. We’ve covered them over here on the blog before, but for a quick recap:

  • Immersion/Intensive:  This retreat style is focused on your practice first and foremost, so expect the majority of your time to be on the mat. Some retreats will also offer continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance, making these retreats particularly attractive to yoga instructors.
  • Adventure/Culture: Part travel adventure, part yoga retreat! These retreats typically take place in an exotic destination around the globe, and offer a variety of activity options – think surfing, SUP, hiking, and horseback riding.
  • Wellness: A wellness retreat combines yoga, healthy food, and other wellness treatments to become our top pick for a little indulgence and self-care. Often set in a spa-like destination, the ambience will to melt your stress away.  
  • Spiritual/Pilgrimage:  This style of retreat typically centers around making a pilgrimage to India or another spiritually charged destination around the world. You’ll learn about a spiritual and/or philosophical path and participate in rituals that the paths follow. They don’t usually follow any particular religion, so retreaters of any religious background are welcome to take part.
  • Silent /Meditation: Not necessarily a yoga asana retreat, these retreats incorporate silence and meditation. They can range in length from three days to up to a year! Expect lots of time sitting on your meditation bolster, often in complete silence, as you quiet the external chatter and move internally.   

Once you’ve selected the yoga retreat that fits your needs, it’s important to understand the expectations for the retreat and make sure they mirror your own. While some of these retreats are on the shorter side and could be effective in the span of a long weekend, pilgrimages or immersion retreats aren’t well suited for a quick getaway. In fact, we don’t exactly feel that this type of retreat is worth it under that type of time constraint. If that’s what you think is right for you, we encourage you to clear your calendar so that you may truly honor that commitment and allow your body, mind, and heart to sink into the experience.

Once you’ve settled on your intentions and chosen which kind of retreat you’d like to do, it’s time to add up the numbers. Most retreats should cover the following:

  • Yoga sessions
  • Accommodations
  • Meals (most all should be included. If a few aren’t – which is normal – it should be clearly stated.)
  • Ground transportation to and from nearest airport to site (typically included, and essential when you’re traveling internationally)
  • Included activities/excursions
  • Taxes on meals and room

It’s so important to read the fine print. Many retreats are advertised at a bargain price, only for you to find that accommodations aren’t included on arrival and departure dates, meals are up to you, and all excursions are add-ons. If you find yourself needing to tally up all those extra expenses before deciding whether or not to go, you may find that the cost wouldn’t justify the retreat offering.

Colorado Yoga Retreat

Whether you’re in need of a reboot or deep spiritual healing, we think the case for yoga retreats makes itself.  It’s almost impossible to put a price tag on this type of experience, and the impact it will have on your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is immeasurable. If you still aren’t quite sold, even benefits from taking a yoga retreat include:

  • Meeting a group of like minded folks from all over the world
  • Settings that promote unplugging and tech-free spaces
  • Natural environments that stimulate the senses and awaken your connection with nature and Mama Earth
  • Ability to learn more about yoga and focus on a desired theme or topic
  • Opportunity to connect with amazing yoga teachers, wellness experts, and energy/body workers
  • Ability to see a new part of the world
  • Nourishing, clean food that helps to rebalance your system
  • Kickstart to a wellness routine and daily ritual
  • Environment and support that allows you to reconnect with yourself and deepen your spiritual path
  • Self-care at its finest: massage, reiki, astrology readings, and so much more!

As you can see, we’re big fans of yoga retreats. To us, they’re a way that we can support and give back to ourselves. Once you’ve set your intentions and decided what you want out of your retreat, it’ll be a breeze to find the right trip for you.

Ready to pack your bags? Bookmark Om On’s retreats page to see where we’re going next!

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