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5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Take a Yoga Class and Why You Should

Everyone has their reservations when beginning a new journey..

It is completely normal and you are definitely not alone. This is extremely true when it comes to beginning, or finding your way back to your Yoga practice. You may have heard some reasons or even convinced yourself as to why you think you would not benefit from taking a Yoga class. Well, we are here to tell you that they are more than likely just a rumor and here is why you should!

The first reason you may have heard is because you are afraid you may not be:

1. “flexible enough”

Many people believe that Yoga is solely about getting yourself into beautiful and abstract poses. While yes, there are many advanced poses that involve being very flexible, they also require practice and training and could, one day, be completely achievable. With the right dedication, yoga teacher and determination you may find yourself able to execute more advanced poses. With that being said, Yoga is not only about being flexible, it is about finding your flow and what works for you. There are many different ways in which you can practice Yoga and luckily, there are many different classes you can take starting with beginner- all the way up to advanced. If not being “flexible enough” is deterring you from stepping on the mat, it shouldn’t! While Yoga can help you to strengthen your mind and your body, there are so many different journeys you can take with your Yoga practice. Don’t let the idea of not being limber enough or being unable to master an advanced pose during your first class turn you away. Much as life is a journey, so is your Yoga practice. Let it be unique to you, everyone’s is different. You may surprise yourself or you may be perfectly content with where you are, and both are okay.

2. “Well, I am not in shape” or “I am too old”

are some others you may have heard. These are myths. No matter your age, body type, size, shape or color, there is a Yoga class for you. Allow yourself to start with a slow flow to test out the waters. If you choose to experiment and try another class, great! If not, stay where you feel comfortable, balanced and beautiful.

Many people say they are:

3. “too busy”

to incorporate the dedication of Yoga into their daily lives but you are worth it. You do not have to commit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to Yoga, but if you choose to, we understand why! Find a Yoga class that fits with your schedule and a studio that is close to your home, work or school and start with one day a week for an hour a week. If you choose to go to more you are always welcome but if one class a week is enough, that is perfect. All that matters is that you find the time to show up and grow your mind and nourish your body. Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress, melt away the pressures of everyday life and show yourself love.

Don’t worry guys, we didn’t forget you, and never do! Many men say that they feel as though it is:

4. “too feminine”

For hundreds of years yoga has been practiced by men and still is. Yoga is the perfect exercise for strengthening and using every muscle in your body including the most important- your brain. Yoga is used to balance both mind and body for both men and women. Don’t let the fear of something being “too feminine” deter you from taking a yoga practice, empower yourself and empower women! Everyone, of any gender, from any walk of life, is welcome and encouraged to practice Yoga. Men, if you are worried about being the only guy in a class, bring a buddy and try it together! The Yoga community is always growing and always accepting new yogis.

Finally, many people think Yoga is:

5. “too expensive”

Having a consistent Yoga practice does not have to be a huge monetary investment. Many studios offer memberships that you can purchase, but also offer drop-in rates. If you are not looking to pay for a monthly fee, or do not find one that works for you, you can always pay a drop-in price whenever you choose to attend a class. Prices very from studio to studio so do your research or try out a couple of different studios until you find the right one that works with your budget.


You can check out our pricing and packages offered at Om On Yoga on our website under “pricing and packages”! We have package options and pricing for everyone! If you are a new student we offer a special deal and some tips and tricks just for you as well, check it out at our New Yogi Checklist to prepare for your trip to Om Onhttps://omonyoga.com/new-yogiyogini-checklist/

It is important to dedicate the time to yourself and your well-being. Find a Yoga studio near you and leave your worries at the door. One of most important rules to follow in your Yoga practice is to have an open mind. Let Yoga be your safe space and dedicate your time on the mat to being positive and mindful.

If you are thinking of trying Yoga you can join us for our weekly offering of a “$10 Community Class”. This class is only $10 and available to anyone in the Richmond area or even if you are just visiting! You can find what date, time and class style is going to be offered as our $10 Community Class by checking out our schedule at OmOnYoga.com!

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