As August comes into full swing, we can’t help but have ideas like:
when is this heat wave going to break?
I can’t believe summer’s almost over…
I’m just not ready for school time.

But now these thoughts would be a little un-yogi, so we’ve decided to turn our mindset around and welcome gratitude for this wonderful time of year.

Here’s our Gratitude List:

1.  50 More days:  Yep that’s what we’ve calculated.  Summer doesn’t officially end until Fall hits on Sept. 22 with the Fall Equinox.  And 50 days is the perfect amount of time to develop a new habit.  How about finally committing to your daily meditation practice?

2.  Cooling Yoga:  This is the perfect time of year to listen to our bodies and try some Restorative + Yin.  Both of these practices are touted for their ability to release and relax.  We think that’s the perfect way to unwind after all the activity of a typical summer day.  Legs up the Wall anyone?

3.  The James and the Blue Ridge:  Our natural surroundings are in their fullest beauty this time of year, and offer us the perfect landscape to explore and play.  Recently we tried our hand at a little Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  Why not venture off for a hike or hit the river to calm the mind.

4.  Fro-Yo, Popsicles, and Smoothies, Oh My!:  These treats remind us of when we were kids, and are the perfect antidote to all that heat + Pitta that summer brew’s up.   Not to mention as luck would have it a RVA fro-yo fave has opened up right across from our studio.  We’ll be heading there post savasana…

5.  The Olympics:  This year we are thrilled to tune in and share in the journey of these wonderful world athlete’s as they go for the  the Gold.  Go USA!


P.S.  A Gratitude List can be a great way to remind us of all things for which we have to be thankful, and have been known to create happy + joyful hearts!