Om On Yoga is introducing an incredible Advanced Vinyasa class with our Newest Teacher Adrian McCavitt! You may have seen him on the mat at Om On Yoga, hanging at Ellwood Thompsons or doing handstands all over RVA but we wanted to know more about this incredible teacher and what he loves about the practice of Yoga!

Adrian 1

What are your top 3 books: Eckhart Tolle the power of now. Albert Camus the myth of sisyphus. Allan watts tao the watercourse way.

When did you start practicing Yoga?  I started yoga when I was searching to find my higher self and have a creative outlet of energy and thought

Who do you call your mentor/guru? The person I call my mentor/guru is every one I meet. There’s not one person place or thing that I don’t learn something from.

What is your favorite thing about RVA? My favorite thing about RVA is family, friends, and being together down by the river.

What is your Mantra? What you are searching for is searching for you. Practice and all is coming.

What is the Best Part of your Day? Waking up to coffee and yoga with friends is the best part of my day

What inspires you? Music , movies , art , dance, and of course other amazing yogis.

What is your favorite spot to hang out in RVA?   The yoga studio aka the park or river

Why do your practice yoga? I practice Yoga because it lifts me up and grounds me at the same time. I find compassion for myself and others through yoga. Also it gives me an arena for my imagination and a template to practice my breath.

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What is your favorite place to show someone traveling to RVA?   Maymont park. Especially during the spring.

What is the pose that makes you feel most alive?  Handstands. I just can’t get enough inversions. A life upside down is a life well spent.

On the weekends where can you be found? Practicing yoga and inversions , playing at the park or river and drinking kombucha at Ellwood Thompsons.

What does community mean to you? Having a friendly place to be where you feel not only welcome but encouraged to be yourself.

What does life outside of Om On look like for you? It includes practicing and studying yoga, riding bikes and being outdoors as much as possible.

How do you describe your style of yoga/teaching?  I love teaching a fun style of Ashtanga known as Rocket, where all levels can practice together. There are lots of modifications and amplifications along with tons of room for freedom of expression. I believe yoga is an opportunity to bring your own fully formed creativity to the mat as all poses are open to artistic interpretation. You have the ability to paint a picture and share your present mood with the poetry of movement.

Thank you Adrian for talking with us! We can’t wait for your Advanced Vinyasa Class on Saturday Mornings!

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