As a way to celebrate our committed community of students, we are launching a “Student of the Month” feature.

Sandi Grivat and her husband, Dave, are regulars here at Om On Yoga. As they prepare to move their home-base to Williamsburg, VA, we thought this was the perfect way to honor their commitment to not only Om On but to the yoga community at large in Richmond.

Grivats Student of Month

How and when did you begin practicing yoga?

Sandi had been practicing since 2000, and introduced Dave to yoga when they met in 2008. We both were immediately hooked from our first class… yoga provides us peace of mind / body / spirit connection we didn’t even know we were looking for.

What drew you to practice at Om On?

Becky Eschenroeder! When we found out she was teaching at Om On, we knew the studio had to be a great place for us! Since we started practicing there, we’ve come to love the teachers, our fellow students (many of whom we now call friends!) and the vibe.

What is your least favorite yoga pose? Most favorite?

We both love half-moon [ardha chandrasana], but a long savasana after a challenging class is the best thing ever.

As someone who travels frequently, how do you incorporate your practice while on the road?

One of our absolute favorite things to do while traveling is visit yoga studios. We’ve done yoga together in Costa Rica, Germany, France, Bermuda, Spain and in cities all over the U.S. There are so many amazing teachers and studios around the world, each with a unique vibe, but universally similar.

Your involvement with Project Yoga Richmond and YoKid are inspiring! What tips do you have for those who want to get involved with yoga service projects?

Sandi: Call me and I’ll get you working on something fun!! Seriously, there are so many passionate people in our community working to bring yoga to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. My best advice is to do something that makes your heart sing—whether time, talent or treasure—so it’s rewarding and sustainable for the program and for you.

What is your favorite thing about Virginia?

The James River! So much so, we just bought our dream house on the water, and are moving in mid-August to Williamsburg so we can spend even more time on the water. But Om On can’t get rid of us…we’ll be back when we’re in the city visiting friends and clients.

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