396695_3244257829743_572734529_nHave you ever been in class holding that one pose that makes your heart feel light and your body feel strong and then in the background the most amazing song comes on the stereo? And in that moment you feel as though you really understand this whole Yoga thing?  Music moves our bodies and souls; it can make our yoga practice a Divine Dance.

The art of making a playlist takes time and love.  When I am making a playlist I have to think who is it for, what am I saying, how will it begin, does it build or stay steady and strong, how do I want the person listening to feel when it ends? A Yoga Practice Playlist is no different, does it need fiery energy, building heat and burning off the stress of the week? Does it need to be soft and steady to help me deepen into forward bends and supported poses on my bolster? Or do I simply need all my favorite songs to sing while I finally make it into handstand in the middle of the room?

We have decided to honor the art of the Yoga Practice Playlist with a reoccurring post from our teachers at Om On Yoga.  With their Yoga Practice Playlists we want to help you find your way into the Divine Dance. This week we are showing off the steady love from Kelly Kostecki and her Vinyasa Flow Class. We hope you feel inspired to create and share your own playlist with us and maybe mix up your practice a little bit!

Om Shanti!

1. Smoked by Spunkshine

2. Moon Magic by Stevin McNamara

3. Goddess Invocation by Go-Ray and Duke

4. Floating Sweetness by DJ Drez

5. Nama Sankirtana by Wynne Paris

6. Glorious Sun by Laya Project

7. I’m On Fire by Kelly Dalton

8. Sarvesham by Jack Harrison

9. Where is My Mind? by Maxene Cyrin