Gardner, Doula, Buyer, Mother, Aromatherapy Goddess, Yogi. I was blessed to have a few moments to spend with our new Boutique Buyer Maris the other day and learn more about this amazing multifaceted woman and her passions, her favorite things about RVA, her style and what life looks like outside of Om On Yoga for this amazing creature.

Maris walked into the yoga studio for her photo shoot with grace; she has a light about her that gives off equal parts calm, grounded breath and energetic playfulness that made our Marketing Coordinator and I’s jobs much easier when setting up her photo shoot. Her face seamlessly shifted from soft beauty to openhearted laughter through each moment creating an atmosphere of ease to everyone who entered the studio that morning.

March, here at Om On Yoga, is all about celebration and new beginnings so it seems fitting to begin learning about Maris who through her work gardening and easing mamas through the process of birth is a walking example of staying receptive to reawakening. So lets dive into the uniqueness that is Maris.


What are the current jobs you have? Buyer at Om On, Gardener at Sacred Ground, Doula at Empowering Birth

Top 3 Books, it is impossible for me to just name three all time favorites, but currently I am loving: Emptiness Dancing by Adyashanti, Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton, Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway

I was introduced to yoga when I was young, but developed a regular practice about eight years ago

The person I call my mentor/guru/role model: Life itself is my guru. I am highly inspired by the writings and teaching of Adyashanti and the Presence and work of Amma

My favorite thing about RVA is: The River

My Life motto/mantra is: Live passionately, Be Grateful, FInd Beauty/Divinity everywhere and in everyone

Snuggling with my son in the morning is the best part of my day

I am inspired by Mother Nature and people who choose to let go of fear and surrender to love

My favorite spot to hang out in RVA is my Garden

I practice Yoga because: A regular practice helps me to cultivate a sense of peace with what ever comes and goes in life as well as a feeling of more grace and freedom in my body

My favorite place to show someone traveling to RVA is: the trails of the James River Park System and Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The post that makes me feel most alive is Wild Thing (Flipped Dog)

On the weekend you can find me: climbing trees and going on bike rides with my son, kayaking, taking yoga classes, rock climbing and catching up with friends

Community means to me: being fully present for the people in my life and seeing the work of relationships as sacred and an opportunity for growing in self knowledge as well as selfless service

My life outside of Om On includes: mothering, gardening, birth work, inspired cooking, meditation and self inquiry, abundance, beauty and adventure