Om On Yogis + Yoginis,

Welcome, Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Benvenuto, Swāgatam!

We are over the moon + elated to finally be blogging. Why are we so excited?

Here’s the nitty gritty on why we hope to connect:

1. We luv our community, and we can’t wait to connect and grow together.

2. We dig yoga and our overflowing with resources, tips, and info to send to you.

3. We’ve gotten kinda obsessed with this bloggin thing and we can’t wait to let our creative juices flow. A bit selfish yes, but you guys benefit so we think we’re good to go.

4. Most of all, we’re about Getting Our Om On Everyday and in Every Way! Think of this outlet as one more way to infuse the beautiful practice of yoga into your daily doings.

Here’s to Off the Mat and Beyond!

Oh and what can you expect aside from the above: Consistency, Conversation, and Creativity! (gasp, we hope!)

Now, Join the conversation: Subscribe, Comment, Share! We’re so glad you’re here, and we want to know

What Makes Your Heart Sing!

So, let us know what you want to hear about, and we just might dig it enough to let you in on the VIP club (aka feature you or your topic in our post).

See You Soon!

Ommin + Bloggin

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming up! By the way you won’t want to miss this!

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