Our final offering on our path to better understand how yoga inspires Moms comes from New Mom Lacy who is navigating the waters of new motherhood and yoga in this present moment with beauty and grace.

“While we haven’t yet reached an age where he can do yoga with me, I feel confident that yoga has played an integral part in the health and happiness we have experienced while bringing my son into the world. The mental and physical conditioning that yoga provides put me in good stead through my pregnancy and his birth. Since then yoga has continued to be a part of our daily lives. Babies are extremely intuitive; they pick up on more than you might think. I know that he can read my energy, and yoga has given me an inner peace and calm that sets the tone for our gentle and joyful household. I am forever grateful to yoga for giving me the tools to be a good, loving, and peaceful mother. “

Om On Yoga


Thank you Lacy for your kind offering. 

Special thanks to Kate Magee Photography for this beautiful Image of Lacy and Harrison! This is a sneak peek from our photo shoot with Kate! Check out her incredible photography here