As we continue on our path of how Yoga influences and supports Mothers, we hear from the lovely Randi Weiss and her reflections on yoga effects the way she mothers as well as how she shares her Yoga with her children.

randi mom 1

I began practicing yoga long before my first child was born almost 20 years ago. During all 3 pregnancies, though, I practiced prenatal yoga and even used breathing and relaxation techniques during labor and the newborn days.  Over the many years, my practice has deepened in strength, flexibility and spirit. Ah, spirit. Yes, the hidden gift of the practice. I know I was able to pass on the blissful benefits of relaxation, letting go, detachment, acceptance, perseverance, gratitude, self-care and patience.

Raising 3 children through ever changing life cycles, turbulence, events and milestones has given me many opportunities to dig into my yoga toolbox and share these benefits with my family. I hope I have been able to pass on these hidden gems by example or at least by acknowledgement when I don’t always get it right. My children have all at one time or another dabbled in yoga, by accompanying me to class, attending my classes or workshops and events. At times, they have asked me to show them poses to stretch, strengthen, tone or learn backbends, inversions and arm balances, just for fun. What a gift to be able to watch a child go from an active physical state to pure, blissful tranquility in savasana.

randi mom 2

Being a mom is hard work. And the type of work and difficulty changes as soon as I think I have grasped the current phase. My daily yoga practice helps me return again and again to a peaceful perspective. It has taught me to listen and accept that I may not always have the answers, in fact, I don’t always know the right questions to ask.  It is the pause I need to clear my mind and allow truth, acceptance, gratitude, joy and sometimes even answers to arrive.

Again and again I come back to my mat to learn to grow from these changes and continue to cultivate love and understanding and mostly, a lasting bond. And for that… and for them and for my every changing yoga practice and the opportunity to share its treasures with my children and my loving family of students, I am eternally grateful.


Thank You Randi for your Beautiful Offering.