Being a Mother seems to be much like practicing Yoga. Each day your body, mind and spirit are a little different from the day before,  you need to make decisions with the information that you have in that moment, you listen to your intuition, you must be fully present with your heart and some days feel less rewarding and more exhausting than others.

Many of our beautiful Yogini’s at Om On Yoga are also beautiful and inspiring mothers.  We are so honored that they have shared with us what it means to be both Mother and Yogini and how one reflects and inspires the other.

Today the Beautiful Laura McNeill shares her thoughts on Motherhood and her practice.

Lm and Elle Swing

“Every day I am on my mat whether in movement or stillness.
This commitment to my practice began, literally, when I became a Mom.
My practice grounds me, strengthens me, and opens my heart by reminding me every day that the time that I have with the people I love is what matters the most.”

LM and Elle Smiles

Check back this week for more inspiring words from the Mamas of Om On Yoga