Known as the Worm Moon, the full moon is approaching on March 16th. This full moon is to remind us of the reawakening that occurs in spring; the snow is melting and as the ground thaws, the earth worms begin to reemerge and show us that new life is being created in the earth.

It is believed that because the human body is made up of so much water that our moods are guided by the moon in the same way as the tides. The full moon fills us with Shakti or the energy and movement of our spirit and body. With this full energy there are two paths that can be taken, that of full action and that of quiet reflection and planning.

In the Ashtanga tradition the Full Moon is a time to break from practice. This moment of quiet reflection can be just what we need to reemerge after a long winter. It is the time to reflect and clean out that which does not serve you and that can be both physically and spiritually.

If your body is feeling the full force of the Shakti and needs to take immediate action, then take time on your mat to practice invigorating poses or poses that you may shy away from. This could be a time to clean your home of any clutter that has built up in the cold winter months or plan an adventure getaway to revive your spirit.

As the full moon approaches remember that the moon reflects the light of the sun so take time on your yoga mat to reflect, to look inward and reflect out all the positive energy that is within.

Om Shanti