Many years ago when I was talking to my primary Yoga teacher about starting a home practice and giving her all of the myriad of excuses that I had as to why I couldn’t practice more at home, she looked at me and said “You have not created space in your life for your practice and until you do you will continue on the same path. Just roll your mat out, leave it there and never move it. You may step on it but you will see it everyday and then you will feel drawn to practice.” Not created space? I was in class three days a week, I took workshops on the weekends, how had I not created space. Just leave my mat out? Was it that simple? Yes, it could be that simple and my teacher was guiding me to create space in my home, in my personal life and in my heart, that is where my practice needed to deepen.  That is when I began to leave my mat out and I began to create an altar next to where I would practice.

LGMZ Altar

An ever growing altar, constantly evolving.

The practice of creating sacred space does not have to be complicated, it does not have to involve sacred gods and things that don’t resonate with your own practice.  Mine began simply with a candle, a small dish I had brought back from Israel years ago, some dried flowers and pictures of people that I loved. As both my husband and I’s yoga and meditation practices began to deepen the process of building our sacred space has become a journey and we enjoy adding more meaningful pieces to our altar.

Kelly Altar

Om On Yoga Owner Kelly’s altar of new beginnings

Kelly, Om On Yoga’s Owner, has a beautiful home altar with a precious wood mala from India, both Nataraj and Ganesh statues, a print of a butterfly to represent rebirth, new beginnings and metamorphosis and a Sundar Candle with the Intoxicating Scent of Amrus.

The Beautiful Nitya who teaches our youngest yogis and our Yin Class explained her altar as,”My altar is built upon my faith of Bon Buddhism with my teacher Geshe Wangyal Rinpoche, and my devout connection to my yoga guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda. My altar includes also inspiring people like Krishna Das, Swami Ken, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I include a prayer wheel, candles, Tibetan incense, crystals, mala bead, bells, inspiring quotes, and found natural treasures from my times at Yogaville. After nearly 20 years of walking the Buddhist Yogi path, I have learned that your altar is not just a place to practice in front of, but a place to carry in your heart, living your faith in your daily life. Living yoga is what I teach to kids and adults. It is a life of love.”

Nitya Altar

Nitya’s Altar, Yoga as Life.


Becky’s altar is a true expression of her heart, full of color, beauty, love and travels. She shows that even when you do not have a large space to spread out an altar that sacred space is created with a full heart.

Becky altar

Becky’s Altar, full of heart


What does your sacred space look like? How was it evolved? Share your sacred space and altars with us, be inspired by other spaces throughout your journey. We would love to see your practice space in the comments below maybe you will inspire others to create and share in this journey.

Om Shanti!