Ahhh… It’s summer time.  You know the time when days are long, the sun is bright, and a good book + sand beneath the toes is all you need to complete your day!  Check out our list of reads we can’t wait to devour.

1.  Poser:  My Life in 23 Poses:  Claire Dederer

 Follow Claire on her journey on the mat and off.

2.  Bringing Yoga to Life:  Donna Farhi

So many valuable lessons are packed into this quick read, all which allow one to infuse the beautiful practice of yoga into our lives with better intention and grace.

3.  The 4 Desires:  Rod Stryker

 Rod Stryker is known as one of the largest contributors to the modern works of yoga + philosophy, and we can’t wait to see how he make’s our soul’s four desires come to life in his newest book.

4.  Super Natural Cooking:  Heidi Swanson

Written by well-known blogger, Heidi Swanson, this is a team favorite, and we can’t wait to try out her wholesome + pure recipes for our summer picnics.  

Visit her blog here!

5.  Tranquilista:  Kimberly Wilson

For a dose of tranquility and inspiration, we love this read and it’s lovely author, Ms. Kimberly Wilson.  

For even more tranquil tips and sparkles visit her blog Tranquility Du Jour.

6.  How to Meditate:  Lawrence LeShan

With all the excitement and energy of summer, we surely need to find some peace and clarity.  Check out this primer on how to connect with your breath and quiet the mind.

 Bonus:  Join Om On as we welcome:

Swami Ken

for a free Meditation Event July 13 7-9pm.

7.  Yoga and the Quest for the True Self:  Stephen Cope

A Senior Scholar at Kripalu Center for Yoga, Stephen Cope offers his profound insight on this beautiful practice of yoga and how we can integrate it into our modern lives.

8.  Slim, Calm, Sexy:  Tara Stiles

Who doesn’t want the trifecta:  Slim, Calm, Sexy!  I think we’ll be making that our goal for the summer.

9.  The Fire Starter Sessions:  Danielle Laporte

An unbelievable new book that will literally compel you off your seat and beckon you to live out your heart’s deepest desires.  Danielle Laporte is certainly a “Fire Starter” if we do say so ourselves.  

10.  Bhagavad Gita:  Ernath Easwaren

A yoga classic that gets better with every read, offering more insight + knowledge to find clarity + purpose.

What is on your night stand this summer?  

Leave us a note below in the comments section we would love to hear!